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When starting a project at home you may not be sure whether or not you need a general contractor. You consider yourself pretty handy around the house and able to handle all of the repairs necessary to keep things going. But the question is whether or not you can handle a new building project or new construction. For most people it is a combination of lack of skill and lack of time that helps them realize their need for a professional in this field.Experience While you may have done your share of painting, dry walling and even building a shelf or two, a home construction project can be much more detailed. It requires looking at the home’s current set up and construction and finding a way to fit in the new work without disruption. It requires knowledge of the home’s structure and building foundation. It requires knowledge of the current local area code and regulations for additions or changes to a home. A general contractor is one of the best sources of this information and experience.Experience also involves independent contractors. If you want a kitchen remodel completed do you know just who to call for the best countertops or the best cabinetry? A general contractor has built up relationships over time and will know just which local businesses will be able to provide the best quality work at the best price. He or she knows just what it takes to put a project together, including the number of people and their skill level.Time ManagementWhen it comes to all of the necessary individuals required for your project you may want to ask yourself whether or not you have the time to make all those phone calls. Can you track down the right people for the job before anything is started? Can you coordinate schedules and spent time meeting with each one to ensure that you vision is well understood? Most people just don’t have the time it takes to be responsible for a construction project. Because of this a general contractor becomes the perfect solution.Quality of WorkWhen someone completes work in your home you may not always be able to tell how well they did. You look at the overall aesthetics and are pleased, but what about the structure and the durability? A general contractor knows what work is acceptable and what work is subpar. Throughout the project he or she is the quality control expert, looking at each stage of the process and keeping your wishes in mind.Being licensed and insured is another benefit that a general contractor brings to the table. They stand by their work and they are covered (as are you) if anything should happen inside your home. This includes injuries or damage that was not intended.

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