Google map listings: so important in recent SEO optimization


Not only Google but all search engines worthy of mention have turned
into a virtual battlefield for websites looking to come up as the first result
whenever somebody clicks on that search button. This is where SEO firms have
firmly established themselves.


The biggest challenge companies focusing in search engine optimization
face is to make their client’s websites popular with the general public. This
is certainly not an easy task as a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.
For instance, someone needs to have an in-depth knowledge of how search
algorithms work and also possible words which visitors would most probably type
into the search engine.


As Google is the undisputed champion of all search engines it is but
natural for SEO firms and websites alike to wrack their brains and try
to break that barrier which would catapult them to pole position when searched.
This is obviously bound to happen as all businesses, big or small, are looking
at publicizing their products or services. However, if you view this phenomenon
from a normal person’s perspective one will find that the average human is not
concerned with all these matters.


All they are looking for is fulfillment of their assorted wants and a
satisfactory answer to all their queries. How do you do that? With the new
feature of Google map listings, the war for first position has opened up many
new avenues for SEO firms to take good advantage of through some clever steps.


Google describes this new feature of map listing as an easy and
convenient way for people to find a particular business, its location and how
to contact them. Now websites who want the common masses to recognize their
authenticity just need to register with Google. Once done, a relevant search
will bring their business up on a mapPsychology Articles, clicking on which will lead the user to
that particular site/blog or any other given information.


The importance of keywords cannot be stressed enough in this context as
it is through these keywords that a company will gain exposure. SEO companies have their work cut out for themselves as they need to
have a thorough knowledge of how the Maps algorithm works and the dynamics used
to establish standings of local business listings.


Google’s changes in the way broad terms are searched is immensely
helpful for local businesses looking for a foothold and global businesses can
also benefit from these changes. Search optimization companies need to think of
innovative ways to work through this new maze of keywords and optimization if
they want to stay ahead in the race to the top.

There is a very high probability that you are owed missing money! Surprised? Read ahead!


Please do not labor under the wrong impression that you have been successful in keeping track of every cent that you own. In fact, eight out of nine families are owed unclaimed money or missing money. These families have no idea that they are actually owed money by the State. Well, this article will help you find out all you need to know about the unclaimed money owed to you and your family.

Old checking or saving accounts and even accounts that you had opened for your child or the account that you had opened when you were a child can be a source of unclaimed money.

Saving accounts is not the only source of unclaimed money. You may be owed money that you had invested in stocks or bonds. The dividends that have not been claimed by you yet can become unclaimed money. Even alimony or child support payments can lead to creation of unclaimed money.

Escheat laws require that money belonging to individuals who are beyond contact for a period of three years or more must be turned over the appropriate state or federal government.

The governments proceed to hold the money until the same is claimed by its lawful owners. However, the fact that 35 billion dollars is owed to individuals implies that the problem has not been properly communicated. Most have to claimed the money and there are many who do not even know that this problem exists.

The state and the federal agencies have created individual searchable databases for individuals who want to search for unclaimed money. However, performing more than fifty searches to perform a complete search of all the databases does not make any sense whatsoever. The whole process is too cumbersome to be performed efficiently.

Avoid the fifty+ searches and search the all-in-one-database. This single database is the solution to your problem of unclaimed money.

Bill McIntosh, who is the owner of the all-in-one-database, states that the inability of the individual to search the state databases properly and efficiently is one reason why the problem of unclaimed money is growing at a rapid pace. The limited search performed results in vital information being overlooked.

Simply rejoicing that you are owed unclaimed money is not sufficient. You will be recognized as a smart individual only if you go ahead and claim your missing money.

Once you have found the money owed to you, claiming the same is very easy. Fill out the claim and file the same with the state or the federal government. If you are owed multiple unclaimed money accounts, you will have to file multiple claims.

For most of the claims, submitting the driver’s license and/or the birth certificate is sufficient. However, certain claims require additional documentation like death certificates. In cases of inheritance money becoming unclaimed money, additional documentation is required.

Once the claim has been submitted, the claim is reviewed. Once the claim is reviewed, the payment is made. The whole process takes 2 to 16 weeks.

When you are searching for the unclaimed or missing money owed to you, do not forget your family and friends. Make sure you search whether unclaimed money is owed to your loved ones as well.

Now that you have all the necessary information, finding your missing money will not be a problem.

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Nicole Anderson offers detailed information about the problem unclaimed money at The database of includes information from the state as well federal databases. The website offers unlimited search to the members. A free money search to locate your missing money is possible today.

This Straightforward System is Your Roadmap to Success

How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan in 6 Simple Steps

It’s surprising how many businesses open their doors without a business plan. You may not have to have every element of a business plan written down to be successful, but without financial projections and a marketing plan, you have no roadmap to success.

The marketing plan section of a business plan is generally a complex document requiring many hours of thought and planning. If you’re a small businessperson and need something quick to get going, the plan need not be extensive, however, it should be written down, followed consistently and updated periodically. In order to get people started and avoid overwhelm, I’ve devised a formula for a simple, straightforward marketing plan. It begins with a six-step outline and then progresses to a chart. Each of these can be completed in about 30 minutes and will provide the day-to-day marketing decisions every business owner needs to make.

1. Why: am I in business? What is the benefit to my customer? What is my vision?
2. Who: is my target market? Can I identify a specific niche?
3. Where: can I find them? Do they belong to certain groups, read specific media?
4. How: do I want to reach them? Will I give talks, go to networking events, do mailings, attend trade shows?
5. What: marketing materials do I need? Web site, brochure, newsletter, ads?
6. When: am I going to implement this strategy? What am I going to do and when am I going to do it?

Let’s say you’re opening a hair salon. The benefit to your customer is that you are open hours other salons are closed, in the evenings and on Sundays. Your target market is local professionals. You can find them in businesses in your area. You decide to reach them by holding a grand opening on a Sunday evening. You select a press release initially as your marketing material. You will send it to the local newspapers three weeks before the event.

Although it may seem simplistic, in reality this method is highly powerful. Whether you’re a new or existing business, you need to be marketing continually. This plan will keep you on track, on time and on budget.

If you have any questions about this marketing plan or would like to get a FREE e-mail consultation to Clarify Your Project or Plan, contact us at For information on more in-depth marketing plans, see our resources page.

© 2004 Andrea Susan Glass and Any reproduction of this article in any manner is prohibited without the consent of or the author. We give permission to use this article on your Web site or e-zine if you reproduce it exactly as it appears here including this notice. Visit for all your writing, editing and marketing needs and to order your FREE reportFind Article, “Top Ten Tips on How to Write and Sell Your eBook for Maximum Profit with Minimum Effort.”

The Search for the right Home Staging Training


Certification is another avenue of concern.  Since there is no particular regulation in regard to certification for the Home Staging industry a consumer most often will seek a reputable company and pay the price to become certified.  Certification will validate the Home Stager as trained in the field and we all recommend certification.  There is no set price to be certified in this industry.  There is no set price for training in this industry.  Each company can set their own price in which to charge the consumer for certified training and individual training courses.  We see training courses that are anywhere from 2 days to 7 days.  Some are hands on, some are on-line, some are in hardback form with books and binders full of instruction and tests while others are more simplified.  Some charge anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for training.  How is one to determine which to choose from?  While it is true to enter into the world of Interior Design one would absolutely need to obtain a college degree but the Home Staging industry is quite another story for now.  In choosing the right HS training you need to know exactly what you can afford, the time you have to invest in training, your ability to travel to receive your training and the instruction you will need to actually “build” your business once trained. Home Stages Designs is happy to dedicate our training in CD form to those whom are searching for training that will allow them to study at their own pace in the privacy of their own surroundings.  We do not offer pressurized training because we understand the limitations that one might have searching for a new career.  We also trust our consumer to take our instruction and apply it responsibly as instructed prior to entering into the industry or developing a private business.  We go over this completely in our business section.  We are not in the business of turning out unqualified Home Stagers rather we carefully instruct our trainees from A-Z and offer ongoing instruction to keep them updated and ever informed.  Our goal here at Home Stages Designs is to offer the industry the finest, qualified professional Home Stagers that this country has to offer.  See us now at We hope that whomever you decide to go with for training in this field that you are well informed, qualified and proceed into a prosperous and rewarding business.

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Home Stages Designs®, is a Professional Interior Design and Staging Company.  Our expertise in the field, spans over 20 years, in Interior Design and Home Staging.

How to be a Money Magnet

“Money makes the world go round”, heard of this
statement before? Money is something everyone is working hard for nowadays as
it is the currency to having a luxurious life. However, some people attract
money more easily than others, why?

Apart from thinking rich and achieving an alignment between
your reality and your subconscious mind, one popular way to achieving wealth is
through the Law of Attraction.


Based on the theory that the ungrateful will never prosper,
it is important to take some time everyday to appreciate the things that you
have in life. Instead of focusing on what you lack or what is not going your
way, you should instead be thankful for what you have. This will encourage your
subconscious, and the Law of Attraction will come into play.

Simply put, the Law of Attraction is that you believe will
materialize as reality.


Hence, if you create your own reality in your subconscious
mind, you will be able to achieve it in real life. On the other hand, if you
focus on things that you lack in life, you will have more of similar
occurrences taking place because you are focusing on the negative aspects.


Method #1: Think and believe positive

So before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning,
embed thoughts of wealth into your mind by repeating to yourself your thanks
for what you have in life. This will allow your subconscious to work on it
whilst you are resting, and reinforce it when you wake up. Consciously make an
effort to appreciate the beauty in your life, and root out the dissatisfied and
negative thoughts.


Method #2: Counter your Conscious Mind

The biggest obstacle to this method is your conscious mind.
The one that even now, is telling you that this is all a bunch of lies and will
never work. This will undermine the effectiveness of giving thanks because you
do not really believe in what you are saying. Counteract your conscious mind by
starting off with the thanks for what you currently have, and then slowly
working in things that you would like to have.


In this way you will be able to train your subconscious mind
to accept that you have a wonderful lifeFree Web Content, and this will in turn be magnified by
the Law of Attraction until it becomes reality.

Latest news about the all over country


India may be a third world country for now but it is developing very fast and has some sectors totally under control. Globalization has made it important for every country to have information about other countries as one country’s policies affect the other country in more than just one way. Therefore people from around the world are interested in India news. The latest news India are in demand in other countries as India is a center for many multinational companies and provides a huge amount of labour force. Breaking news India gains the attention of various people around the world .India has a very wide array of news channels and other media sources but these are not available in other countries like an Indian newspaper will not be sold in any other country and even if they order one they face the barrier of time. Therefore the most efficient way to get access to a country’s news is by the help of the internet. Internet has no limitations as such, it provides people with news about different beats and these sites are dedicated to publishing news. A foreigner can easily search for the current affairs in India by the help of a search engine and an Indian can do the same.The technology has immensely advanced and it makes life easier for everyone. India news comprises of entertainment news, political news, economic news and sports news. These beats are well covered by all types of media. Though the net is the most accessible type of media to obtain the latest news India, it is not the most reliable if it does not belong to a publishing house. The writer is mostly an e mail id or is unknown and the authenticity of the news is questionable. On the other hand newspapers are very reliable and publish only authentic information and news. They have a reputation to maintain therefore they are careful that they do not print news that is not based on solid facts. And due to the competition in the television news industry they pass random stuff as breaking news India which can be misguiding to a foreigner. These mediums have their own profit points and drawbacks and out of them internet proves worthy of providing the people with almost all the important news surpassing the barriers of time and space. Not much reliable still the internet can be deemed as the most accessible of all the mediums.

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Builders and tradesmen. Finding the right professional for you.

Good, reputable home improvement builders and tradesmen are essential to the success of your home improvement and maintenance project and will ensure that your project will be delivered on schedule, on budget and to an agreed specification.

Choose builders and tradesmen with correct professional accreditations, insurances and references. Ask to see photos of past work and references from previous customers in your area and for similar project types.

Choosing a professional builder allows you to benefit from held tradesmen insurances and the setting of a small works contract. A builder or tradesmen who does not accept working to a contract if requested to do so or cannot provide proof of adequate insurances is worth avoiding.

A good home improvement contractor will be able to advise you on the more important aspects of your project and help you avoid the common pitfalls experienced by an average home DIY ‘r or enthusiastic amateur.

Your builder will be able to provide design and material options with you that are specific to the home improvement trade they specialise in and offer impartial advice gained from, often, many years of experience. They will probably be able to obtain such materials at trade prices, passing on savings to you. They will be used to liaising with your architects and designers if you have them to ensure the smooth transition of the project from drawing board to completion.

Whether your builder may have his own dedicated team of tradesmen or select from a pool of sub contractors he knows and trusts according to the project type and complexity. A sub contractor will need to carry the reputation of the main contractor so this should ensure that the right people are chosen. In either case your builder will effectively project manage the specialist work, ensure the workmanship and take control of payments to them on your behalf.

There are thousands of reputable home improvement and maintenance tradesmen operating in the UK who will complete your project on timePsychology Articles, on budget and to the agreed specification.

Google + for Business: Moving Beyond Traditional SEO


Those stuck in the past are doomed to failure. While this axiom has always been true, it speaks even more clearly in the age of the internet. Companies who don’t stay abreast of every new development in the search engine optimization world will quickly fall behind those who do. While the product will likely always be king, promotion will always be prince, at the very least. Those companies already looking into Google + for business and figuring out how to best leverage the new technology to their advantage will find that the benefits are there for the reaping. Here are a few ways to get started.ButtonsButtons are those icons every social networking site has for websites to put up on every article they publish. These buttons give other networking users an easy way to share the article or site with their network of friends and it is one of the cornerstone reasons why this method of promotion works. If you intend to take advantage of what Google + for business offers, you’ll need to grab one of these buttons and put it on your site. In addition to sending an article or site to a person’s network of friends, it will also be taken into consideration when Google is modifying its search rankings, meaning with every “+1” you get, you could go higher.Expanding your ReachA social network is only as good as the people in it. If you have a very limited circle filled with customers and employees you already interact with on a regular basis, you’re not going to maximize your returns from Google + for business. Instead, make it a point to add other businesses to your circle. Preferably, you’ll want to add businesses that are in the same field as your own. This will give you an expanded reach and will also give you a bird’s eye view of what your contemporaries are doing to use the system to their best advantage.Encourage Visitors to Use Your ButtonsIt’s not yet clear what kind of view Google + for business is going to take on encouraging visitors to click the +1 button. Until they come out and say they frown upon it, however, there’s nothing wrong with throwing some subtle encouragement at your readers and visitors. Considering the potential impact of getting more of these votes, it’s worth it to try. Do not, however, make clicking the button a condition of reading your content, as this is against the TOS and is also a huge turnoff to your typical web surfer.

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Family Practice Doctor for the Whole Family


With so many medical specialties, most physicians aren’t likely to have clients for long periods of time; they see patients whose ailments fit their specialties, and while there is certainly a need for specialist of all kinds, selecting a dr family practice as the primary care manager (PCM) for the both the adults and the children in your household can make life, as it pertains to medical needs, more simple. As a parent you can select this doctor for your children from birth, and because he is also your provider of choice, the physician will already know your family medical history. Of course, if specialty services are needed, you can be referred to a specialist, but the information and treatment received there will be on record with you PCM eliminating confusion that sometimes unfolds when a patient has medical records with multiple offices. It is beneficial for children to receive care from a general practitioner who will provide continuity of care from birth into adulthood. In the event of a childhood disease such as diabetes, the child will grow up in the care of the same provider who will see him through adolescence and adulthood. Had the young patient been in the care of a pediatric specialist, upon mid-adolescence to around eighteen years of age dependent upon the obtained healthcare policy, he would undergo the trauma of needing to switch providers dragging year’s worth of medical records trailing behind him. Another benefit of this theory is that when an adult has a diagnosis, the physician will immediately begin looking for signs of the condition in the other biological family members. The doctor family practice will know the genetic predispositions of the child. It is possible that if a family stays with the same practice for long enough that multiple generations will be treated, and knowing generations worth of family medical history can only be helpful for up and coming generations.A general practitioner can provide all general medical care including childhood vaccinations, physicals, and preventative care and can provide basic care often referred to those professionals in specialty fields reducing the need of multiple specialists and therefore multiple office visits and ultimately multiple fees and co-payments.

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Finding a good dr family practice does not have to be difficult, it can be very easy. To learn more please see the following:

latest news about India


For all kinds of India news today, local newspapers, television and transistors are preferred by people. blogs as well as Indian news websites are also taken into consideration as very less reliable as compared to the newspapers or TV. The leading national dailies are the Hindustan times and the Times of India. There is always a fierce competition between them with regards to circulation. There are eight editions of Times of India that are spread throughout the country. Various Hindi newspapers also play a great role in providing latest India news. These newspapers include Amar Ujala, Sahara Times and Dainik Jagran. They have gained a lot of popularity.  Thus, the India latest news can be obtained very easily. There are also some influential magazines besides various newspapers. They are the favorites for all kinds of national news. Some of them include the Outlook, Business World and the India Today. A deep impression has been left on the minds of the Indian readers. This is due to their precision in reporting of various India news. All the important aspects of India latest news are touched by them. Thus, sound opinions can easily be obtained by them. For national news, common masses have developed a lot of popularity for all kinds of TV channels. Some of the famous news channels are Star TV, Times Now, Aajtak and India TV. News is provided by them 24*7. They provide a good coverage of Latest News related to India. Discussions, interviews and TV shows are also arranged by them for some famous personalities. There are also various TV shows related to the entertainment, lifestyle and law problems. Thus, the Indian viewers are captured to a very great extent. not only national news is provided but world news is also provided. This India news today provides a great understanding of civilization and culture of India. Thus, these shows obtain lot of credibility among the public.  The TV reporters should take up all the credit.  They work very hard for doing their best and providing authentic news. The reality is brought forward the common masses. The current age is well known for its IT revolution. The real vanguard are the internet and the computer.  There has been a penetration of internet in various remote places of India. There has also been an increase in the number of internet users. Thus, the websites providing latest India news are gaining a lot of popularity.

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