Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization! Google SEO Tips and Techniques by Expert!

Who doesn’t want to get Top Ranking Positions in Google? 1st Page Placement in Google is NOT difficult, you need to follow Google Optimization Guidelines, and this Article has Summary of the Seven Fundamentals for Google Optimization. 

Google optimization is about following Google guidelines, Google likes ethical SEO practices, those SEO practices which are to help website owners as well as Google and it has published guidelines for SEOs here:  

Top 7 Fundamentals for Google Optimization

Fresh and Original Content

Google love fresh and original content on web page, selectable content/text copy of your web page, google can’t read content on images or at pics. 

Clean and Validated Code

Clean and validate code helps google to crawl deeply, try to put content at the beginning of your web page, ignore nesting, javascript or comments, in fact try to shorten the text format with the help of external CSS. 

Easy and Accessible Navigation

Text or image base navigation helps google to read, google bot can’t read javascript, dhtml, flash base navigation, try to avoid using these practices which google doesn’t like. Keep your navigation at top or left side of the web pages, make sure to add a sitemap page which will guide web surfers and web bots to each and every page of your website, if you have huge website then make sure to add at least all main categories’ links at sitemap page. 

Good Interlinking of Web pages

Web links are like roads and streets at website, make sure all website’s internal links are text base or image base, with relevant content. 

Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links

Google likes referred websites, specially referred from quality and relevant resources. The more referrer links the more top rankings. Here one thing should be remembered that one relevant incoming links is better than hundred irrelevant links. 

Domain Age and Registered Period For

Google started keeping new registered domains in sandbox since April 2004, in sandbox almost all new domains kept on probationary period for 6 to 8 months, in some cases for longer period, Sandbox domains don’t get good rankings.

Google also likes to rank better to those domains which are registered for longer period like for 5 or 10 years, because whoever registered domains for longer period shows how much s/he is  serious with her/his business and most probably won’t do SPAM with those domains. 

Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

Google likes true businessmen and a true businessman doesn’t misguide his website visitorsBusiness Management Articles, google likes those websites which have physical mailing address to their contact pages and google compares it with that physical mailing address which is used in domain registering. 

A Financing Alternative for Construction Subcontractors

Trying to get business financing for a construction subcontracting business is extremely challenging and will remain very difficult for the foreseeable future. Most experts predict that it will take years for the industry to regain a stable footing in the economy. And until that happens, most institutions will be very reluctant to provide business loans to subcontractors.

Although the situation may look dire for some, there are many construction subcontractors that are doing very well in this environment. And they span the industry from cell tower construction, to demolition, to carpenters, to HVAC companies. These companies are doing well but cannot get the business financing they need simply because they are in an industry that is currently considered risky by lenders.

Most subcontractors look for business financing because they have cash flow problems that originate because they get paid in 30 to 60 days after invoicing. Basically they deliver the work, send an invoice and wait to get paid. Unfortunately, few have the capital to wait. They needs fund to pay employees, office expenses and suppliers.

One alternative to solve this problem is to use construction factoring. Construction factoring provides an advance on slow paying invoices, providing the cash flow a company needs to meet expenses while waiting for their invoices to get paid. The transaction is fairly simple, a factoring company advances you a portion of your invoice – about 75% as a first payment. Once your client actually pays the invoice, the transaction is settled and you get the reminder second payment of 25% (less the factoring fee).

One advantage of construction factoring over a conventional business loan is its flexibility. The factoring line is not fixed but rather is based on your invoices. It grows with your sales. FurthermoreFind Article, most factoring companies look at the credit of your GC (or commercial customer) as one of their more important funding criteria. This makes construction subcontractor factoring an ideal solution for small and medium sized companies whose biggest assets are solid clients.

Factoring financing is an effective solution for companies whose biggest challenge is that they can’t wait 30 to 60 days to get paid by clients.

Top Home Business Ideas and Opportunities that Require No Qualifications


Top Home Business Ideas and Opportunities that Require No QualificationsAll you need is the determination to learn and succeed in your goals and whatever your chosen home business is will be sure to flourish!Home Renovation ServicesThe real estate industry is in a rocky road and people find it more difficult nowadays to mortgage their old home and buy a new one. Thus, they turn to renovation. Skills for renovation can be easily learned but you need a good eye for design if you want your business to be sought-after. If you want your home renovation business to stick around for a long time, consider learning the appropriate skills for bathroom renovation.Catering ServicesEveryone wants to party but not everyone has the money to do it properly. If your talents lie in the kitchen, opening a home catering business is your best choice. Unlike the more established catering companies, you wonít have to charge exorbitant prices for your services since youíre enjoying a rent-free business. If you want your catering business to flourish, consider keeping your menu updated while focusing on your masterpieces. Make it a point to deliver all your food on time as well.Cleaning ServicesMore people nowadays are able to afford hiring someone to clean their homes. What they canít afford is to take time off from their busy schedule and find someone trustworthy to loan a key to their homes. If you have a flair for domestic chores then opening a home based cleaning business is the perfect opportunity for you. If you persevere in this line of work, you might gradually find yourself offering cleaning services to commercial establishments as well and having your own pool of cleaners.Event OrganizerEveryone wants to party but not everyone can afford to. Unfortunately for those who can afford it, they seldom lack the time, inclination, or the skill in hosting a wonderful party. Thatís where you come in. If you have a knack of entertaining people and letting them have fun then this kind of home business is ideal for you. Start listing your contacts: theyíll come in handy with this job.Fitness TrainingYou canít be too thin or too rich. While you donít have any way of ensuring the latter, you can however start earning with the former. Have you always found it easy to maintain your figure and stick to the proper diet? Are you great with any kind of exercise? Are you able to motivate people easily? If so, offering fitness training would be a splendid home business opportunity for you.Beauty ServicesIf you can make yourself beautiful with just a touch of makeup then those are highly-prized skills indeed! People are willing to pay astounding prices for beauty. Itís time to share your skills. By making other people beautiful, you receive monetary rewards and personal satisfaction. Not bad, isnít it?And those make up the list of the top home business ideas and opportunities which donít require you to have a college degree or a certain level of expertise and experience. Just work hard and youíre on!

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How to choose the best bathroom suite for your bathroom?


People all over the world have become conscious on giving an overwhelming look to their bathroom, rather than keeping than a dark corner of the house. Luxurious bathroom suites add grace and comfort to your bathroom. Moreover, they add resale value to your house as they enhance the look of your house altogether. Tips to own best bathroom suitesFollowing are the key factors that you must fix in your mind while planning to buy bathroom suites:1.Do research and educate yourself about bathroom suites before planning to buy one for your house. If you’ll go clueless for a purchase, you’re bound to fall a victim of fraud or low quality product. 2.Do check past records and customer reviews of the company website which drives your attention for a purchase of bathroom suite. With reviews and feedbacks from various customers online, you’ll get to know if the company is fair enough in satisfying customers or not. 3.Do visit various online stores before buying bathroom suite from any of the stores. Don’t just visit one website/online store and buy your product. Look into all varieties of suites and then make a final decision. You’ll find abundant of variety online. 4.Do not stay in confusion. Ask questions and clarify all your doubts before buying bathroom suite. It doesn’t matter if your questions are bit insensible; you’re free to ask all without hesitation. 5.The company website must offer affordable bathroom suites with no compromise on quality. 6.Do check the after sale services offered by the website. Do not entertain a company if it denies to offer customer service support after sale. 7.As bathroom space is usually shared by family members, suites should be able to match requirements without sacrificing on comfort part. With above tips in mind, you’ll surely get hold of best bathroom suites. However, keep one thing in mind. Do not install suites all by yourself. Installation of the product requires professional hands; hence make sure that you take help of an expert for the same. Variety Of Bathroom Suites With increasing craze of bathroom suites among public, there is a wide range of suites available in the online market today. They come in various styles and prices. Broadly speaking, following are the main component of suites available in the market: a.Washbasinb.Toiletc.Bathtubd.Vanity Cabinete.Mirrorf.Etc. To know more about colors, variety and style of bathroom suites, go online and visit various online stores. This is the best and quickest medium to buy best piece.

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Renovation Tips for Your Kitchen

a small part of your home is quite a big task to do. One of the most common
rooms in a house that is usually chosen for renovation is the kitchen. It may
be already old that needs a new interior design to improve the entire house.
You may have probably bought a new house that may require special remodeling of
the kitchen. Whatever the case is, having a new kitchen is a good idea. Here
are great ideas of how you can renovate your kitchen.


a Budget to Avoid Overspending


your kitchen requires some amount of cash. You must have enough funds to use
for the building and designing of this particular room in your house. It is not
appropriate to just go for the renovation process without making a budget plan
for it. You need to set an exact or an appropriate amount of whatever needs you
have to spend. This is to have a limitation on the expenses which is a good
thing. It can help you prevent the possibility of overspending your money. With
that said, you hire a contractor to get an estimate of how much you can spend
for this project.


What to Improve


you remodel a kitchen, you may partly or fully change the room. If your budget
is only good for partial renovation, then just concentrate on the areas of your
kitchen that require immediate update. You can do the others after a few months
when you have another set of budget to use. This helps to save money especially
if you have a spacious kitchen room. If you need to improve the entire kitchen,
you still have to check what must be improved. There are areas that may be left
like the way they are. Therefore, you must consider only the most important
parts of the kitchen the need remodeling.


a Good Shade


remodeling is all about colors and styles. You must first concentrate on the
color you want for your new kitchen. You do not only renovate the designs and
styles but also the color. If the old color of the interior design is dark, try
something lighter this time. If it is light in color, you may choose a darker
one. It is also a great idea to mix more than one color but ensure to choose
shades that really combine.


Tiles or Change Hardwood


major aspect of a kitchen that is usually renovated is the flooring. You must
not only change it to have a new look but accentuate it with the overall
interior design. This means you make sure the flooring matches the color, the
design and the theme of your kitchen.


a Reputable Contractor


you must also get a contractor whom you can trust. It is necessary to have a
professional and legitimate worker to assure your kitchen is well renovated.
OtherwiseFree Articles, you can encounter a possible issue during or throughout the course
of the renovation of your kitchen.


Handyman: Helpful Tips For Hiring One


A handyman is someone who assists you in various household chores and repairs. Their range of skills varies widely and they are capable of doing odd jobs such as raking leaves or pruning your plants. They can also do minor but tedious jobs like painting and rearranging your attic. You have to make up your mind as to what you kind of job that needs to be done.Set Your PrioritiesMake a To- Do list and categorize it properly. Not every handyman has all the skills necessary to do everything around the house. They are typically hired for minor projects. The ones with a wide spectrum of skills are typically expensive, and you might be able to save money by hiring one who specializes in just your particular needs. If you simply need someone to help you with cleaning your attic, hiring someone who specializes in woodwork or painting would be a waste of talent when all you need is hardcore labor. If you have a lawn related issue that needs work, choosing one who has a range of skills well-suited in this field might work. Know about their experience before hiring.Get referencesIt is important to get references. Stories of disastrous labor experiences from shoddy work to outright theft have been heard off. Ensuring that the service provider is trustworthy and well respected is essential getting a good job done. The safest way to find a quality worker is by referral. Many handymen stay occupied simply on word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers. Your friends, neighbors, family members can be a good help here.Have a written estimateMake sure you have a written estimate that comprises of the price and time for completion. Unscrupulous workmen may give a verbal estimate and when during the time of payment, they come up with a list of things that raises the price higher than expected. Know the labor charges and the variables that may change the estimate clearly before starting with the work.Maintain a contractThis gives you a security in case something goes wrong. The service provider who is willing to put everything in writing is typically safe and trustworthy. If they don’t, you need to reconsider. Run a check to see if they have valid liability insurance. Although you may opt to ignore this for petty jobs, there is a possibility of things going awry and you want to be covered. Hiring a handyman can be bliss when you want to get smaller tasks accomplished. They can also be an affordable option. Don’t forget that this individual will have access to your house and you need to be careful.

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If you are looking out for a handyman you now have the privilege of choosing one who fits your needs and priorities, making your work easy. To know more, visit

5 Benefits Of Hiring A Qualified Handyman


Some things are best left to the professionals. This can be especially true when it comes to big projects like home improvements. If you are looking for a person to help you with this type of project, you would be well served by a professional handyman. You can save yourself time, money, and energy by doing such tasks through him, rather than doing them by yourself.Hiring a professional handyman has many benefits. Here are five of them. 1. Top Quality ServicesLet’s face it. No matter how much we try to fix things around the house on our own, we cannot be as perfect as a handyman. They are qualified and skillful people doing such kind of work day in and out. They have the knowhow and skill to perform the task.2. Save Your TimeWhy spend your entire day on that huge project? Hiring the services of a handyman is the easiest alternative in front of you. You just need to find the right one for you and let him complete the job. Make sure that you hire a qualified one and let him complete the task for you.3. Get Every Nook And Corner Of Your Home InvestigatedHe is the only qualified personnel who will be able to search and locate small mistakes in your home. Before starting a big job in your house, you will need to know all the tasks that need to be done. Trust the professional you hire for that. They will ensure that all the small mistakes and imperfections are fixed without delay.4. Long Lasting ResultsA home improvement done by a professional generally lasts longer. You need not do repetitive renovations once you get this task done by him. This will save you a lot of money and time in the long run.5. Daunting Tasks Done In An Easier WayRevamping your home on your own can be a difficult and time consuming task; but not for the seasoned expert. Hiring a qualified person ensures the tough task of home improvement is done with consummate ease.As the name suggests, a ‘Handy’man always proves to be handy for you when it comes to revamping your home. Hiring a professional one is essential though. Do some research online. You can also ask for references from your friends who have already hired such services. Always make sure that you do not waste money by hiring an unqualified person.

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Hiring a qualified handyman who can perform the daunting task of home improvement with ease will save you money and time. Make sure you do your research before hiring one. Know about various services handymen offer at

Latest News in India


If a person is looking forward to find the latest news India then the best option is to visit a website. These websites are updated every time there is breaking news in India. Though television offers us with a similar service websites give us an advantage to choose our sector of interest and read articles we find interesting unlike the television channels where you have to watch what you are shown. Newspapers do give you the freedom to choose articles but you have to wait for the next day’s edition to read about news which took place today in the early afternoon. Till then the breaking news India looses its immediacy and the audience loose their interest in that news. When a website writes and updates news only about India it is deemed to be called India news website.Due to globalization it is important for people to know about the news doing rounds around the world. Therefore everyone needs some kind of access to the other countries current affairs to keep them aware. One countries newspapers can be couriered to another country but till then the news will loose its immediacy and television is largely immobile therefore the best way to get access to a countries news is to visit the websites which publish the current affairs of ones country.  The same way Indians can visit sites from other countries and evaluate the impact an event that occurred in some other country can have o our country. The news can be anything from politics to entertainment depending upon the likes of the reader. The interactive journalism of today helps in getting feedbacks from different people with a different mind set. They offer their readers with forums where they can discus and debate their opinions with others.Sites host contests, discussions; polls etc understand the views and expectations of the public. Breaking news India can be anything from a murder of a celebrity to a major political discussion the sites should just remember that whatever news the put should be the latest news India. The websites appoint a particular number of employees to work on a particular beat, which can be crime, entertainment, politics, economy etc. that take place in India. When all these come together on one website then the website can be called India news website. These websites are of great importance and convenience in today’s times.

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Google map listings: so important in recent SEO optimization


Not only Google but all search engines worthy of mention have turned
into a virtual battlefield for websites looking to come up as the first result
whenever somebody clicks on that search button. This is where SEO firms have
firmly established themselves.


The biggest challenge companies focusing in search engine optimization
face is to make their client’s websites popular with the general public. This
is certainly not an easy task as a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration.
For instance, someone needs to have an in-depth knowledge of how search
algorithms work and also possible words which visitors would most probably type
into the search engine.


As Google is the undisputed champion of all search engines it is but
natural for SEO firms and websites alike to wrack their brains and try
to break that barrier which would catapult them to pole position when searched.
This is obviously bound to happen as all businesses, big or small, are looking
at publicizing their products or services. However, if you view this phenomenon
from a normal person’s perspective one will find that the average human is not
concerned with all these matters.


All they are looking for is fulfillment of their assorted wants and a
satisfactory answer to all their queries. How do you do that? With the new
feature of Google map listings, the war for first position has opened up many
new avenues for SEO firms to take good advantage of through some clever steps.


Google describes this new feature of map listing as an easy and
convenient way for people to find a particular business, its location and how
to contact them. Now websites who want the common masses to recognize their
authenticity just need to register with Google. Once done, a relevant search
will bring their business up on a mapPsychology Articles, clicking on which will lead the user to
that particular site/blog or any other given information.


The importance of keywords cannot be stressed enough in this context as
it is through these keywords that a company will gain exposure. SEO companies have their work cut out for themselves as they need to
have a thorough knowledge of how the Maps algorithm works and the dynamics used
to establish standings of local business listings.


Google’s changes in the way broad terms are searched is immensely
helpful for local businesses looking for a foothold and global businesses can
also benefit from these changes. Search optimization companies need to think of
innovative ways to work through this new maze of keywords and optimization if
they want to stay ahead in the race to the top.

There is a very high probability that you are owed missing money! Surprised? Read ahead!


Please do not labor under the wrong impression that you have been successful in keeping track of every cent that you own. In fact, eight out of nine families are owed unclaimed money or missing money. These families have no idea that they are actually owed money by the State. Well, this article will help you find out all you need to know about the unclaimed money owed to you and your family.

Old checking or saving accounts and even accounts that you had opened for your child or the account that you had opened when you were a child can be a source of unclaimed money.

Saving accounts is not the only source of unclaimed money. You may be owed money that you had invested in stocks or bonds. The dividends that have not been claimed by you yet can become unclaimed money. Even alimony or child support payments can lead to creation of unclaimed money.

Escheat laws require that money belonging to individuals who are beyond contact for a period of three years or more must be turned over the appropriate state or federal government.

The governments proceed to hold the money until the same is claimed by its lawful owners. However, the fact that 35 billion dollars is owed to individuals implies that the problem has not been properly communicated. Most have to claimed the money and there are many who do not even know that this problem exists.

The state and the federal agencies have created individual searchable databases for individuals who want to search for unclaimed money. However, performing more than fifty searches to perform a complete search of all the databases does not make any sense whatsoever. The whole process is too cumbersome to be performed efficiently.

Avoid the fifty+ searches and search the all-in-one-database. This single database is the solution to your problem of unclaimed money.

Bill McIntosh, who is the owner of the all-in-one-database, states that the inability of the individual to search the state databases properly and efficiently is one reason why the problem of unclaimed money is growing at a rapid pace. The limited search performed results in vital information being overlooked.

Simply rejoicing that you are owed unclaimed money is not sufficient. You will be recognized as a smart individual only if you go ahead and claim your missing money.

Once you have found the money owed to you, claiming the same is very easy. Fill out the claim and file the same with the state or the federal government. If you are owed multiple unclaimed money accounts, you will have to file multiple claims.

For most of the claims, submitting the driver’s license and/or the birth certificate is sufficient. However, certain claims require additional documentation like death certificates. In cases of inheritance money becoming unclaimed money, additional documentation is required.

Once the claim has been submitted, the claim is reviewed. Once the claim is reviewed, the payment is made. The whole process takes 2 to 16 weeks.

When you are searching for the unclaimed or missing money owed to you, do not forget your family and friends. Make sure you search whether unclaimed money is owed to your loved ones as well.

Now that you have all the necessary information, finding your missing money will not be a problem.

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Nicole Anderson offers detailed information about the problem unclaimed money at The database of includes information from the state as well federal databases. The website offers unlimited search to the members. A free money search to locate your missing money is possible today.