Oil 4 Wales for the Win: New 24-Hour Truck Stop in Brecon

In welcome news for haulage companies operating in Wales, oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has launched a new 24-hour truck stop at its Brecon depot.

In welcome news for UK haulage companies with drivers regularly delivering loads to, from and around Wales, oil distributor Oil 4 Wales has launched a new 24-hour truck stop at its Brecon depot, providing a much-needed facility for the local transport industry.

A Family Affair

Oil 4 Wales is a family-run company that has grown exponentially to become the leading provider of petroleum products in the country, turning over around £50m in its first year and £110m in its latest financial results. Managing Director Colin Owens enjoys a long history in the oil industry: he established Owen Fuels in 1991 and built it up to a turnover of £350m a year before selling to Texaco in 1997. The family wanted to establish an authentic Welsh brand, believing that as major oil companies pull out of “downstream supply”, the door is opened to small independents to capitalise on the ability to offer a more community-based service.

As well as supplying products to the commercial, domestic and agricultural markets, Oil 4 Wales has plans to establish a chain of retail garages across south, mid and north Wales, and has invested more than £500m into the local community at truck stops in Maesteg and Powys. The company employs a large staff across its depots in Wales and contributes generously to charitable agricultural projects in support of the local farming industry.

The company’s development of the Brecon truck stop is a true passion project, with Director Sally Owens expressing their personal pride at being able to provide such a vital facility for the region. 

The Brecon Truck Stop

With over £70m of investment, the Three Cocks site at Brecon is already proving itself to be an invaluable service for local haulage companies and independent lorry drivers. The fuelling facility provides Adblue, diesel and red diesel via the pumps, with Oil 4 Wales declaring their aim to support and service not only haulage companies, but also vehicles used in the local agricultural industry. The Brecon region is heavily utilised by the transport industry and the availability of 24-hour fuel is a much-anticipated and long overdue service.

In the interests of optimum convenience, the truck stop accepts all versions of fuelcards across the widely used Keyfuels system. For haulage companies or drivers who currently do not use a Keyfuel fuel card, Oil 4 Wales has ensured that obtaining the free card is easy through their dedicated department. (The Oil 4 Wales Fuel Card Department can be contacted on 02920 674917.)

A Positive Development for the Transport Industry

The 24-hour fuelling facility at the redeveloped Brecon truck stop is a very positive development for anyone making a living doing delivery work in the greater Welsh region. The immediate and overwhelming take-up of the facility suggests that investments into the local infrastructure by companies like Oil 4 Wales not only benefit the transport industryArticle Search, but the entire community. Industry stalwarts are hoping that the Welsh model’s success story will encourage investors to develop similar facilities across the country.

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Finding A Quality Contractor Who Doesn’t Charge A Fortune

Whenever your home needs an exterior facelift, new windows or other
remodeling, your first step has to be finding a reliable contractor who
does superior, quality work and uses high-grade materials. It can be
difficult to weed through various renovation companies to find the one
that can do the job properly without breaking your budget, particularly
since the least expensive bid you get will probably reflect the
company’s inferior materials and less than professional work ethic. On
the other hand, you can pay too much, even for quality work, if you
automatically choose the highest priced estimate for your new siding or
window replacement estimate. While getting at least three estimates is a
step in the right direction, it is only the first step.

Read Online Reviews With A Grain Of Salt

reviews can give you more information, but keep in mind that most
consumers are more likely to write a review if they are unhappy while
satisfied customers may never think to post their opinion on a website.
It’s a simple fact that these online reviews tend to have a higher
percentage of complaints. If there are some complaints, don’t forget to
see whether the company followed up with a satisfactory resolution. Not
all websites offer this kind of information, but some do, including the
Better Business Bureau.

Ask For References

reputable contractor will always have a list of references available.
Ask for references who had work similar to what you’re interested in
done. If you want to have new windows installed, ask about recent
customers with window replacement projects, then be sure to call
everyone on the list provided and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask
what they liked most about the contractor, whether they stuck to their
timeline, how they handled unexpected hurdles and whether they had a
professional attitude.

See For Yourself: Check Out Their Recent Window Replacement Jobs

contractors will gladly give you a list of addresses where they did
window replacement work in your area. Drive by those houses to get an
idea of how your windows might look. Be sure to examine the trim around
the windows, the condition of the siding near the windows and any other
details that would be an indication of the professionalism of their

Educate Yourself

The quality of
the work is only as good as the quality of the materials, so be sure to
ask contractors what brands they offer for window replacement. They
should offer at least two major brands and different types of windows,
such as vinyl, wood clad and fiberglass, so that you have an array of
options available. Also ask about the warranties on each brand and
whether they stand behind their work with any kind of guarantee. If you
aren’t sure what kind of windows you want, do some research on your own
and then ask each contractor to explain the differences in order to test
their knowledge and get a professional opinion of the various window
replacement options. Watch out for outlandish claims that can’t be
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from one contractor to the other. While every contractor has a mark-up
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line with the industry standard.

The most important step you can
take before shopping for a home improvement company is to arm yourself
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Demand for Home Purchase Loans, Mortgage Rates Climb


Demand for loans that are intended to be used for purchasing homes rose to a seven-month high last week. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), purchase loans demand increased to 1.1% (seasonally adjusted) for the week that ended on November 26.The group said the result was appropriately adjusted to reflect the impact of the Thanksgiving holiday. Comparatively, purchase loan applications rose 2.7% in the same period last year. MBA said demand for mortgage refinancing dropped 21.6% that week compared to the preceding week. It was the third week in a row that the mortgage refinance index of the group fell. Demand for mortgage refinancing accounted for up to 74.9% of total loan applications for the same week. That was down from 78.6% in the preceding week. On the other hand, mortgage rates rose in the week ending December 2. According to the US Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, home loan rates followed the lead of bond yields, which also rose that week, amid indications that economic growth was on the way. Analysts said an economic gain is usually seen by bond investors as less attractive for buying bonds as rates usually go up. The 30-year fixed rate on mortgages climbed 0.8 point to an average of 4.46% in the week ending December 2. That was higher than the 4.4% average last week. The peak was at 4.71%, recorded at the same period last year.Rates for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.81% from 3.77% in the preceding week. That was still lower compared to the 4.27% average in the same weekly period last week. 5-year Treasury-indexed adjustable rate mortgages climbed to 3.49% from 3.45% in the preceding week, but still lower than 4.19% in the same period last year. Most market analysts agree that if economic recovery and growth would continue to rise, mortgage rates would also move up. MBA has released a forecast stating that mortgage rates for 30-year fixed-rate home loans would rise to 5.1% in the fourth quarter of next year. It also predicts the rate to further rise to 5.7% by 2012’s second half. Freddie Mac and MBA are conducting weekly market surveys to monitor mortgage and mortgage refinancing rates. For more news and information about the mortgage industry as well as about foreclosures, check out ForeclosureConnections.com. The Website is regularly updated to feature insightful news covering foreclosure markets.

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Home: Selling a new home


Selling a new home sounds easier than selling an old home that need repairs here and there. But even a new home that we are selling, it still needs preparation to sell it. We cannot just put a “For Sale: new home” sign in front of the house and expect the people will come to you and sign the deal. Selling a new home is still the same as selling your own home but the difference is that it does not need lot of preparation as usual.Since you do not have to spend much time in repairing or improving the house, you can catch up by making a marketing plan to sell the new home. The marketing plan is made to sell a home in a rapid time at the best price. The plan can be advertising in the newspaper, posting your listing on the Internet, holding an open house and more.  Just to remind you that there is two important thins to remember in selling home including a new home, they are price and condition. Any home will sell right faster if the price is right and reasonable. Any repairs and improvements or cost to sell should be included in your asking price but it has to be reasonable.It is also helpful to discuss other terms and conditions, such as timing and items that can be included with the sale of the home. Both of these can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Any realtor will tell you that the spring and summer are the best times of the year to sell a home, because that is the time when buyers are having a great interest in buying home. Selling a house depends on supply, demand and other economic factors. But the time of year in which you choose to sell can make a difference both in the amount of time it takes to sell your home and in the ultimate selling price. According to the most recent data from the National Association of Realtors, or NAR, about 350,000 transactions were closed during January and February this year, compared with 650,000 to 700,000 a month in June, July and August.You also should hold open house to sell a new home which is one of the ways to promote your house to the your neighbors. This can be one of free advertisement in selling the home just in case if there is our neighbors’ friends or family who accidentally want to buy a home. Create an information sheet (with a photo) about your home to give potential buyers a description about your home.Selling a new home is not as difficult as you think. Yet, it also does not as easy as it seems. What you need to have in selling a new home is a spirit to sell and link to sell your home and also a hard work.

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Eco friendly carpet cleaning services offered by professional cleaning companies

Vacuuming is not sufficient for proper cleaning of carpet and maintenance of its pristine look to the best possible extent. Apart from dirt, stains, grime, and bugs, there are many other problems associated with carpet cleaning. Homeowners prowl for quick, ace, and high quality carpet cleaning companies in close proximity.

Nowadays, you find many eco friendly carpet cleaning techniques and device, all having different advantages, purposes and uses. Such equipments include truck systems, encapsulation machines, portable units, and carpet extractors along with various other forms of cleaning products.

Homeowners want their house look good and different from others. Most common way adopted is layering of entire floor with plush carpet. However, if you failed to maintain a carpet, it can cause serious health problems. Dirt, allergens, and bugs multiply in carpets, which makes it necessary for homeowners to hire a reputed carpet cleaning company. Professional Carpet cleaning companies are an ultimate solution for carpet cleaning and their reasonable pricing strategy is truly startling along with use of good quality home cleaning products. The quality assistance and integrity along with eco friendly cleaning methods grabs attention of customers. The cleaning companies deal in wide-raging service involving upholstery cleaning, fire damage, deep shampoo cleaning, mold removal, deodorizing, sanitization and stain protection.

Immediately Rush For Quality Refreshment and Guaranteed Assistance

If your carpet is in a terrible state, call the professional cleaning companies now to bring back your rug to its original condition. Before entering into a contract with local carpet cleaners, it is important to review customer’s feedback online. You get no benefit by hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company, which makes hole in your pocket and leaves you disappointed. Carpet cleaning companies tailors its cleaning services to satisfy requisites of customer. The carpet cleaners make prominent use of latest equipments clubbed with eco friendly housekeeping products to complete work in short tenure.

To enhance working skills of the cleaners, companies are conducting a proper training session and makes staff members acquainted with latest eco friendly cleaning techniques. Carpet cleaning companies understands all the crucial aspects of carpet cleaning and upholstery of furniture. Customer can easily call carpet cleaners from the comfort of home at a cost within their means. The carpet cleaning companies make sure that their service charges are reasonably priced that matches efficiently with client’s budget. With the influx of carpet cleaning service, owners can invigorate environment of home with much ease.


Bring back new look of your home interiors with incredible service of professional carpet cleaning companies

Homes and offices in upscale communities are often awash with delicate carpets and upholstered furniture. It is quite tricky to maintain new look of carpet and furniture without contracting a carpet cleaning company. A trusted carpet cleaning company handles projects with efficacy and makes sure that fragile area rugs are spotless. Professional carpet cleaning companies undertakes all the commercial and in-house carpet cleaning, water cleanup, grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning in an eco friendly way and by using the prescribed office cleaning products because of which they are gaining popularity. Carpet Cleaners hold pleasure of satisfying customers with improved cleaning methods that involve deep shampoo cleaning, odor elimination, hot water extraction, steam cleaning and stains removal in a eco friendly way.

Get regular cleanups with professional carpet cleaning companies

Carpet cleaning companies schedules regular cleaning session so that professionals can accustom recent carpet cleaning techniques, equipments, and commercial cleaning products. Customer satisfaction is the foremost aim of professional carpet cleaning companies and they do not compromise with service at any cost. The professionals focus on the delivery of top-notch carpet cleaning and prevail over expectation of client. Hiring a carpet cleaning service can be a major concern for most of the homeowners and they often check their pocket before calling a carpet cleaner. Bearing this is in mind, carpet-cleaning companies deliver superlative green services at an affordable price.

The professional carpet cleaning companies customizes their cleaning services to meet requisites of customers. They provide unique drying rack, which guarantee quick aeration of rugs thereby minimizing the possibilities of mold. Companies assure quick carpet cleaning service without any hidden cost. Carpet cleaners make use of modern equipments and eco friendly ways to simplify the flow of work and reduce the cost. Searching for such companies online is suggested as you can find detailed information about the working patternArticle Submission, costing of the services and eco friendly measures taken into use for cleaning purpose.

The latest innovations India news channels have made


The past records very clearly show that India is a country where in anything can happen any time! The earthshaking and epoch-making terror attacks of 2011 are one such example. These kinds of occurrences have made it very crucial and important for Indian citizens to update themselves and be aware about the latest news India. In India news channels have made a lot of advancements in terms of visuals, reports, surveys almost everything. This makes it more interesting for the viewers to catch up on the news and events. Citizens are generating a sense of responsibility towards their nation and are realizing the worth of their Right to Knowledge. They are keen on knowing the latest news related to India and want to educate and update themselves with the issues of the nation. The latest news India TV channels show is hot off the press. It is the most latest, recent and breaking news India. Indian news channels have advanced up to such an extent that they not only show news updates but also entertain us with celebrity gossips, sports related news, beauty tips, health and wellness tips, etc. However, sometimes India news channels and websites show even the minutest and the most insignificant events of the nation as breaking news India. They make a big issue and matter of such events by giving it undue importance. This is highly unacceptable annoying to the viewers. There have been times when these news channels show the lives of a celebrity; their posh living which misleads the public especially children because they too feel like living a lavish and luxurious life like these film stars which their families can’t afford. Also, these news channels need to realize that they should focus on issues of national importance like poverty, corruption, dowry, etc which will make the citizens aware of what their rights and duties are instead of showing baseless insignificant and unwanted issues. No doubt TV India news channels have made a lot of progress throughout the years and have reached the masses of every corner of the nation, it should be taken note of that they don’t misguide the public and lead them astray. People should be entertained but there should be a limit to it. The main aim of these news channels should be to create an awakening among the people and make them aware of the current events and happenings.

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