Secrets of Persuasive Proposal Writing

Evaluating boring proposals is akin to biting into a cardboard cake. As a poor evaluator sinks their teeth into the unappetizing content, the effect is predictable and rather expected.

Highly readable text is paramount to getting a great score for your proposal. To be persuasive and appealing to the evaluator’s senses, your proposal text has to have compelling content and correct structure. It should use metaphors and stories to make it more engaging and vivid, and less flat and one-dimensional. It should also use appropriate language and be so simply written and accessible that even a high-school student could understand your offer.

Your compelling content, of course, comes from information gathering and brainstorming to figure out how you are going to execute the work.

Correct structure boils down to understanding that you need to first generate interest in reading your section, and only then get into the technical details that would lead you to that conclusion. Proposals shouldn’t sound like college papers – instead, aim to approach them like a journalist writing an article. An article either catches your interest in the first second or doesn’t – and your task is to catch an evaluator’s full attention at a first sentence instead of putting them to sleep or worse – turning them off entirely like a cardboard cake would.

Therefore, you should start your proposal sections with the key challenge, a risk, or a major benefit of fulfilling the requirement. Once you make the point of your section upfront, you can amplify it and build upon it, taking into consideration what the evaluators have already learned. Present the big picture first, then more and more detail, addressing all the Ws: why, what, who, how, when, where, and wow.

Metaphor and story as appropriate to proposal development are two advanced methods of making your proposals stand out. Metaphor relates something that an evaluator may not appreciate enough (but should), to something that they instinctively understand and find relatable – and create a vivid association in their mind that makes them realize the true value of what you are saying.

It enables an evaluator to create a mental picture that’s worth a thousand pictures(and as you know, a picture itself is worth a thousand words). Metaphor is by far the most powerful tool of persuasion and should not be overlooked just because it’s hard to work into such a dry, flavorless medium as government proposals.

Story can take at least a dozen forms in a proposal, with the most common one being anecdotes about your experiences on past projects. It’s not that you tell about these experiences – it’s how you tell about them that makes your proposal come alive and captures your evaluators’ attention. Every story has to have three parts—a set-up, a crisis, and a resolution—and it must illustrate the points that you are seeking to drive home. You will need to interview your technical staff to get the details of their challenges, how they overcame them, and even their feelings about them. You should sprinkle such stories throughout your proposal to make it interesting and compelling.

While you are at it, you have to make sure that you use correct language for your proposal. What sells in proposals from the language perspective are your tone and your ability to relate to the customer by speaking their language.

Your tone has to be sincere, confident, and credible. You will achieve that by speaking in the first person (“we” instead of “Acme Corporation”) – which may fly in the face of what you have learned. Or, preferably, name the people who will perform specific tasks. You should be formal enough, but not so formal that your proposal reads like a bureaucratic opus.

Sincerity comes from doing just the opposite of sleazy sales – and that is avoiding adjectives and superlatives such as “world class,” “seasoned”, “premier”, and so on. Adjectives are like perfume – you shouldn’t marinate in it. It’s OK to have one adjective every few pages, but it will be a major turn-off if you use them too much. By the way – didn’t I just create a mental picture for you with my metaphor?

Instead of relying on adjectives, you should convey passion though hard-hitting facts. It means that you have to work harder to get the specifics. Consider this:

            Weak: Mr. Smith understands the conditions in the theater and is highly experienced in the overseas operations.

            Better: Mr. Smith knows first-hand the conditions in the theater because of multiple deployments in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and most recently Operation Enduring Freedom.

            Best: Mr. Smith knows first-hand conditions in the theater because of two tours to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and most recently three deployments during Operation Enduring  Freedom.

Your credibility also comes from listing the facts and experiences that position you well for the job. Even though you may be submitting your reference projects in another volume, your technical proposal should have information about your experience interlaced in the text. Most likely, different evaluators will read your technical volume and your past performance volume – so the technical evaluators will not be able to appreciate the degree of your credibility if you only include information about your relevant experience in a separate volume.

Keep your language simple and straightforward. Just tell the customer what you will do for them and what the benefits of your solution are. You want to capture their attention with the hard-hitting win theme statement or key hot button upfront, then show your understanding of the problem, then articulate your solution, with major features and benefits, and then prove that you can do what you claim. You will need to quantify, qualify, and substantiate. Then you want to summarize the most important advantages, if you have room.

You also want to make sure your text is highly readable. Readability refers to the level of education an evaluator has to have to understand your proposal. The more often an evaluator has to stop to think about (or interpret) what you’re really trying to say, the worse score you are likely to get.

Go ahead and apply these persuasion secrets to your proposal sections, and they will come alive, delighting your evaluatorsScience Articles, and helping you get contract awards.

How to create remarkable proposal papers


Impressive writers can cover full topics using just a few short paragraphs. To prepare this, you should eradicate some surplus content, clutter and jargon and jot down in clean, plain expressions that everybody comprehends. That way, your papers will be quick and simple to read. V Provide FocusTo provide a powerful proposal essay, you should concentrate purely on the subject matter. This will turn your article more compelling and enticing to read. So think carefully regarding the composition that your readers expect you to incorporate. Next catalog your ideas and stick to them. Never gear away from the subject matter. If you should move off topic, then situate the subject in an Appendix at the last part and turn to it.  V Have a organized modelYou also should ponder on carefully on the subject of your Table of Contents. Your readers should be able to examine the Table of Contents to comprehend a quick feel for what your essay contains. The Table of Contents needs to be straightforward and laid-back to comprehend. In your paper, you must also: Make tables to make it effortless to readEnclose representations to elaborate challenging topicsMake short paragraphs to stress pointsUtilize of bolding, italics and underliningMake bullets, as they are effortlessly scanned. V Weave a storyEverybody loves a lovely story. So create every article as though it was the greatest story in town. Start with the opening by introducing your subject and revealing to them they are going to gain knowledge of by reading your paper. After that put in writing the core body of the essay and finish with a conclusion.  V Make it continuousCreate your essay so that each of the sections pour from a single theme to the next. This way, the user never has to stop to figure out where they are. So before you end each section, introduce the subsequent section. This helps keep the person who reads motivated. V Just the exact amountGive your readers ‘just the appropriate amount of information’ required to get on to a decision or take an action. Keep it brief, but substantial and useful. V Give inspirationCelebrated writers are passionate about what they are creating. If you are constructive and uplifting about your articles, then your book-lover will catch the enthusiasm and your article will be amusing to read.

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Role of Kitchen Handles in Renovation

Renovation is the most popular requirement for decorating the house in the way the dwellers find it necessary or appropriate in accordance to their styles and budget. Renovation is no more a high class idea, but suits the budget of every average man very easily an hence, has become a very  a desired and favoured matter of even the middle class people.

Renovation is the most popular requirement for decorating the house in the way the dwellers find it necessary or appropriate in accordance to their styles and budget. Renovation is no more a high class idea, but suits the budget of every average man very easily an hence, has become a very  a desired and favoured matter of even the middle class people. However,  proper planning gs are very essential and if not chalked out in proper manner can cause a great expenditure at the cost of that which neither pleases the view of the house nor the pockets.

Space management is the most important factor in remodelling the house. Small or large,  every type of space in the house should be utilised and presented in the most attractive and lucid style with vibrant flaccid colour and beutifully decorated appliences. 

Every room has its own style to be decorated. They have their individual fashions. Regarding the kitchen, space is the most crucial factor. All the cooking articles,  eating place,  refrigerator etc.has to be kept in the kitchen, yet, ample space should remain. Unorganised  kitchen not only makes it difficult for the dwellers to do the  workings, but also creates a very crooked impression in the minds of the visitors.

The second most essential requirement are the cabinets. Kitchen equipments, if let out in haphazard and untidy condition can create lot of difficulty and also make the kitchen look dirty. Every article should be properly adjusted in cabinets and big and less used articles should be kept away from the kitchen. Because their presence would cause in convinience and also give an odd look, which is definately not wanted by any person.

Thirdly,  the look of the doors, windows, cabinets and drawers. Their look can be no doubt,  made better by proper selection of kitchen handles,  CABINET HANDLES,  AND DRAWER HANDLES.  These handles are of a large variety available with different designs,  material , and definately;  range.  They fit our pockets so easily and smoothly that availing them is a matter of words.

KITCHEN HANDLES, cabinet handles , drawer handles are made up of metals, wood as well as plastic.  They, like spices, add a flavour to the kitchen. They can change the  entire look of the kitchen giving it a beutiful to look at classical, modern or traditional makeover. It makes the entire kitchen look so adorable that praises automatically are drawn at your kitchen. Gone are the days when simple handles and knobs  were enough to do the job and no attention was on the look. But now the matter is entirely different. Apart from quality, look also serves a very important role.

Vertical columns should be preffered instead of horizontal cabinets because this  will save ample space and  even make things look more organised. Further Psychology Articles, the sitting place must be in accordance to the size of the space left in the kitchen for general use. Minimum things must be kept in the  kitchen so that free space is there for everyone for free movement.

Decoration and renovation should be always availed of  with much caution
and care. Even a slight mistake can cause tremendous   impact putting even the reputation of the at stake. Decoration and renovation are activities which is done once in several years.  So taking it lightly and for granted can prove to be not only a result which is difficult to look at and a pure wastage of money which is surely not appreciated by any of us.

How To Come Up With At Home Business Ideas

As a pursuing entrepreneur, the first thing you are going to have to do is come up with some at home business ideas. You cannot jump on the internet and immediately find the opportunity of a lifetime. However, it is safe to say there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

When looking for home business ideas, the first thing you want to do is consider your interests. What do you have a passion for and have always wanted to pursue? You have a far better chance of succeeding with something that you actually are interested in. It is much easier to devote the time and energy needed to succeed with something you enjoy.

The next thing you want to take into consideration are the skills and experience you have. Why not apply what you already know into your new career? The great thing about the internet is that you do not necessarily have to be an expert on something to start a business in it. But it will certainly cut down on the time spent researching if you already have a general knowledge.

Sometimes the best way to come up with at home business ideas is by talking to others. Take the time to post in forums and see what others are looking for. If you have nothing in particular you want to do, forums can help you find what you are looking for. Talking to others can help you spark an idea.

After you have narrowed your options down to a few, start researching on the internet within those fields. You want to see which ideas actually have potential and which have no public appeal. Without an interest in your idea, you have no way of making any money with it.

In addition to interest, you also want to take into consideration the competition you may face. There is bound to be some competition in just about anything you get into. But the more competition there is the harder it is going to be to have success with your home business.

The internet is filled with a plethora of at home business ideas and opportunities to pursue. There literally is something for everyone out there. It is up to you to make a list of ideas and narrow that list down. Knowing what you have an interest inBusiness Management Articles, what you are experienced with and talking to others can help you decide on the perfect opportunity for you.

How to Use Other People’s Money for Your Business

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” –
P.T. Barnum

John Ray, the famous 17th century author, was known to have
written the aphorism, “Money begets money.” In the
business world, I’m sure you’ve also heard the saying,
“You’ve got to have money to make money.”

There are countless sources of cash, but by far, the best
one to utilize for your business is … other people’s

Perhaps one of the greatest “secrets” of the richest people
in the world is summed up in those 3 words: Other People’s
Money – OPM for short. If you took a cross-section of
the most affluent business people, you’ll find that the
majority of them launched their fortunes using OPM. In the
next few minutes, I will show you how you can obtain other
people’s money for your business. What you do with the
money, however, is up to you – but if I were you, I’d take
P.T. Barnum’s advice, and make money your servant so that
you, too, you can make your own fortune.

The use of other people’s money has become such an ethical
and acceptable mainstay in business because one can
leverage other people’s money to your benefit.

For example, you can leverage borrowed money into
high-yield investment programs that could generate a return
that would then pay back your lender and line your pockets
as well. Or you can leverage borrowed money into
asset-producing or income-generating real property. Or you
can simply borrow money to start or grow your business.

The benefits to using OPM are obvious: 1) When you use
other people’s money, especially within the parameters of a
corporation, your debt is assigned to your business, and
your debtors can make no claims against your personal
finances; and 2) the infusion of cash allows you to have
money to make money for your business.

Of course, even with the proliferation of lending
institutions and venture capitalists, it is often difficult
to obtain other people’s money.

Well, since Wall Street Journal has kindly called me a man
who “finds answers in unlikely places,” I’m going to reveal
an unlikely place where you can obtain other people’s
money. This one is available to all, and yet very few ever
take advantage of it. It’s the federal government.

I’ve coined a phrase for this source of money: I call it
“other taxpayers’ money” – OTM for short. The federal
government has millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money
allocated to funding businesses like yours.

Here are a few great sources of OTM:

1) If you want to get training and/or money to start your
own business, millions of dollars are available at They’ll also show you how to find alternative
sources of financing, how to protect your invention, how to
sell your idea, how to license your product, how to write
legal contracts, how to sell overseas, and how to buy
business equipment.

2) If you want money to export and sell products to
foreign countries, you can obtain it from the Export-Import
Bank of the United States at Or you can go
to The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) at

3) If you want to obtain government contracts, then access
the Procurement Assistance Offices online. Here, you’ll
learn how to draw up a business plan that’ll get your
business noticed. They can match the product or service
you’re selling with the appropriate agency, and then help
you market to them more effectively. You can find these
programs at

4) If you need venture capital for a new or existing
business, then you need to go online and access the Small
Business Investment Company (SBIC). These are
privately-organized and privately-managed investment firms
that are licensed by the Small Business Administration
(SBA). With their own capital and with funds borrowed at
favorable rates through the federal government, SBICs
provide venture capital to small independent businesses,
both new and established. You can access them at

5) If you need free help or want to learn how to do your
own personal or business taxes? All you have to do is

You can also obtain a free 26-page book on the Internet
called The Credit Process: A Guide for Small Business
Owners. It’s written for small business owners seeking
financing for the first time. It covers sources and types
of financing; funding resources; preparation of a business
plan; preparation of loan applications; and action to take
if a loan is denied. It also contains an especially useful
and comprehensive glossary of finance terms, agenciesFree Articles, and
fair lending regulations.

Car Repair Expenses You Should Know About

A few repair shops intentionally low ball their cost for a repair when giving an underlying quote. Some repair shops will charge an hour’s work for diagnostics. Sometimes repair shops do discover issues they didn’t see when they initially cited for a repair.  The best approach is to take your auto to a trusted and legit auto repair shop auto repair shop; a repair shop that prides itself on being in advance and fair with clients, which implies no concealed expenses or charges.

Remember for all the good repair centers out there, there are ones that will do everything to separate you from your hard earned money. There have been numerous stories from people that take their auto to the repair shop for overhauling or minor repairs and wind up with a bill much higher than expected. The following are the top little-known techniques to think about concealed auto repair costs to look out for.

Raising the Bill after Quoting Low

A few repair shops intentionally low ball their cost for a repair when giving an underlying quote. Once the car is in the shop, they will call the client saying the part they first quoted for is unique and now costs twice as much as original quote.

Charging Expensive Rates for Diagnostics

Some repair shops will charge an hour’s work for diagnostics. Diagnostics includes connecting a PC to the auto that then gives subtle elements on the area of any flaws with the vehicle.

Replacing Parts That Can Be Repaired

Some repair shops may suggest that a section be replaced and is worn. Sometimes the shops replace the parts rather than repair them without getting any approval.

Over Exaggerating Problems

Repair shops may overstate issues to make it seem there is more work on the vehicle than necessary. People can be taken advantage of in many ways to get them to spend money where it isn’t needed.

Faking Repairs

A few repair shops give sensible quotes to the client with reasonable evaluating, only to make up or claim that other repairs were needed.They may claim they found an extreme issue or something they found while chipping away at another part of the vehicle. Sometimes repair shops do discover issues they didn’t see when they initially cited for a repair.  Though it still makes you wonder if they are trying to con you.

What Can A Customer Do About This?

Most of the reputable repair shops are straightforward and commit guiltless errors. The best approach is to take your auto to a trusted and legit auto repair shop auto repair shop; a repair shop that prides itself on being in advance and fair with clientsFeature Articles, which implies no concealed expenses or charges. Do your research before taking you vehicle to a shop you have never been to before.  Ask your friends and family who they trust to do the service on their vehicles.  Investigate online reviews and even the Better Business Bureau in regard to the service center before you go there.  Do not choose one out of desperation that is the quickest way to get in a costly situation.  Be diligent and do your research and you will find the best repair center for your service needs.

Big D Construction Services Combines Safety And Quality Services In The Construction Industry

In an industry where the workers and employees have to work having
their lives on their hands almost every single day, Big D Construction
Services aims to provide the mental calmness and complete safety with
the help of its policies, which allows everyone to work in a safe
environment that is promoting injury-free surroundings on a day to day
basis. This not only gives security to the people working, but also
boosts the quality of work and services. Whether it is the employees,
contractors, or visitors, the construction process is safe for everyone.
No more do you need to have second thoughts about your safety because
Big D Construction Company provides maximum guarantee and satisfaction
of quality services along with complete safety.

This civil
construction company is the larger part of its parent company named the
Big D Group. The role and aim of Big D is to provide construction
services of a very high standard, quality, and security. If you need a
construction project done in Western Australia, then Big D Construction
Company is your one stop for all the resources you can require for all
your civil construction projects.

What separate the Big D
Construction Services from its competitors are the people who work for
them. This had lead to the company being recognized for its impressive
results, along with safety and high quality services for the civil
industry in Australia. Moreover, it is not a team of amateurs, so you
can count on the professional expertise of the people involved in the
company to provide you with the best and highest quality of work
individually and collectively. Hence, the company is constantly thriving
in developing better and better safety systems and also investing in
employee training, in order to keep everyone on board well informed.

it is the workers, or the top management, the Big D Construction
Services workforce is highly skilled and experienced influential
supervisors. Through deep understanding of the business and
communication within teams, Big D now hosts some of the most experienced
industry players within their team. They are more than willing to offer
their expertise and guidance through Site Supervision Services.

Big D Construction Services have carried out various civil construction
projects in the past that makes up a valuable part of the rich history
of the company. The experience of the work force is spread throughout
diverse projects, which can be seen in the construction projects that
the company has carried out. Some of the past projects for Big D
Construction Services are as follows:

• Lang Hankok Railway Project at Hope Downs
• Fortescue Metal Group at Port Hedland
• BHP Whaleback Expansion Project at Newman RGP 4
• BHP Jimble Bar Expansion Project at Newman RGP 4
• BHP Expansion Project located at Yandi RGP 5
• Pluto LNG Woodside project at Karratha
• Citic Pacific Project – Cape Preston
• Rio Tinto Dampier Port
• BHP Redmont Rail Maintenance

if you inquire about the Big D Construction Services in various
maritime and resource industries, you will find out that this company
has built a solid reputation as a leader in the civil construction
services. This is particularly true as Big D Construction Services take
immense pride in their customer care, as well as maintaining a strong
supplier-consumer relationship. Whenever you want deadline driven
services, you can be sure to count on the Big D construction company at
the same time without compromising in the quality of the service.
MoreoverFeature Articles, the highlight of all this is that it is done in complete safe
and secure environment.

Hot off the press India news


In India news is gaining a very high priority. Every individual wants to keep himself updated with the current affairs and latest news India. Latest news is something which has occurred in the recent past. People now-a-days are very keen on educating themselves about the latest news India.Also, it is the basic right of every citizen to know about the current affairs of his nation. In India news is made available to the masses by various mediums. These include television, radio, newspapers and internet. Latest news India is discussed by the locals of the areas thus giving rise to social interactions. People exchange their views and thoughts related to these recent events and occurrences.One can even use the internet and go on online news websites to update themselves about the recent events. These news websites are up to dated with all kinds of breaking news India. They make sure that the main headlines are written in bold letters thus making it evident for the viewers to read it. All the latest news is flashed on the screen as breaking news India and is also given catchy news headlines and titles. One can create an account of his own on these websites and can log in anytime and anywhere. It is very convenient and time saving. Besides news, there are also updates about bollywood, politics, entertainment, fitness, food, travel and tourism, etc. you can choose your section of choice and interest. Therefore, today, news is in great demand as it serves so many purposes at the same time. It is also a great source of entertainment.When it comes to television, there are a number of TV news channels available in a number of languages. This makes it easier for you to understand the news in a better way. These channels show a sneak peek of the bollywood stars and television stars thus making their news channel a source of entertainment too. These news channels have their helpline numbers and if you are of a view to share your own thoughts and comments you can simply call on their helpline. Certain news channels have programs that offer advices on health and fitness. They have their helpline numbers too.Thus, this brings us to a conclusion that in India, India news plays a very important role in everyone’s lives and has advanced to a great extent thanks to the technological advancements.

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Finding a reliable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor was never so easy before

Find the best “Bathroom Remodeling Contractor near Me” by analyzing these essential points. You can also make remodeling affordable with these smart hacks.

Okay so you are up for bathroom remodeling, that’s a wise decision. Have you selected the right person for this job? Not yet? Don’t worry; the following tips will help you to find a trustable Bathroom Remodeling Contractor near Me in Marietta, GA.

  Usually, lots of people think that bathroom refurbishment is a DIY work that anyone can handle. But it’s not true at all.  This is a complicated and time-taking procedure. It includes: 

As you can see, all of these tasks need professional expertise. You can try doing this yourself, but I will end in ashes with a colossal wastage of time and money.  Don’t be sad. Still, there are a lot of things in which you need to play a role to get a luxurious bathroom. One of them is to consult a trustworthy contractor.

Don’t forget to consider these things while hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor:

Things become easy when you plan everything smartly, nice line! Let me tap myself. Okay, beautiful people. By reading below, the mentioned points can considerably reduce your bathroom renovation cost. 

Yeah, it’s not easy to buy everything like fixtures, tiles, and tools of refurbishment yourself. But companies do not mind if you by certain decorative items, mirrors, towel stand, curtains, lights, and other small furniture yourself.  You can shed a lot of burden on your budget by substituting a little effort in buying material yourself.

Certain companies’ have their team of designers. It’s significant to take a professional’s advice as well. But if they are charging extra for itFind Article, then it’s better to design a blueprint yourself for affordable bathroom remodeling.

Be smart guys; choose a reliable service provider who can meet your needs in a tight schedule. Always try to use the best quality material for bathroom remodeling to get long-lasting results.



There’s Something About Money

Copyright (c) 2008 Patric Chan

Money- It’s the universal currency that all civilized human beings are familiar with. So what is money? Or precisely, How do you “see” money?

Money means differently to everyone.

It can represent power and authority.

A measurement of success or contribution.

Maybe happiness?

Perhaps, some see it as only a piece of paper and they earn it just so that they can carry on with their lives. Once exhausted, they will work to get more.

Now that you KNOW what money is, consider the difference between money and wealth. Money relates to your income where else wealth is define on the assets you have and how they’re being used.

True wealth has nothing to do with how much money you have in your bank or the car you drive. It’s the sense of well-being, knowing you are ‘rich’ – it does not need to be seen by anyone but just you.

As how many people view money in different ways, power, authority, happiness and so on – some also sees it as a ‘relationship’. Clarifying your relationship with money will determine whether money’s your master or slave – who’s controling who.

So is your relationship with money is something stressful or a healthy one?

You see, if it’s giving you negative impact, no wonder you’re not striking gold. Your unconscious will want to ‘protect’ you from pain and push you to another direction. You’ve heard about this a million time so I’m not going to write more about it.

The only way for you to know the answer is to look in the mirror and face the truth – because all of us hated or feared money at one time or another in our life.

When I was broke, money means a lot to me but that does not means I like it. I was in ‘pain’ because I didn’t have any. I was broke. But noted that I was never poor. You can take my money away and make me broke, but I will strive to stand up and play the game of money again – and win because I now know how’s the game is being played. How do you overcome disassociation with money? “ACCEPT” money into your life without fear or shame.

So if you want to be financially wealthyFree Articles, don’t just sit and practice ‘law of attraction’? It’s more than that.

Here’s the combination to attract money:

Right Mindset + Right Attitude + A Solid Plan + Proven Techniques + Taking Actions = $$$ Into Your Pocket

Right mindset could be how to attract money into your life.

Attitude? Patience is a good starting point.

Solid plan will mean knowing what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there.

Techniques are yours to choose.

Taking actions need no explanatory and this is the part that most failed.

So what does money means to you and how you make it to be on your side? Your homework for today is to know this and it’ll definitely make you become a richer person.