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Firstly you need to decide on the theme and color that will help you have a well defined area. Deciding a theme and adding each element that will highlight the theme will make one of the best boys room designs. This will also help you decide on the colors that you can use for walls, furniture and furnishing. Basically, avoid feminine colors like pink and lavender. The best theme can be ‘on the wheels’. Boys just love racer cars, trucks, bikes and almost any automobile. So you can have the car posters, wall designs with autos and bikes, miniature cars and bikes to jazz up the space and floor mats with auto designs. You can also pick the bedding with car or bike designs and finish with the car beds for kids, for your little boy’s room. Similarly you can implement a superman theme or a sports theme making the best boys room designs. A beach theme for your cool boy is a great idea to go for. Add colors like green, blue and yellow with sling chairs, sand colored mats, wall designs consisting of coconut trees, sun, etc. If you don’t want to go for themed boys room designs, pick colors like orange, blue, black, white and yellow and jazz up the room. Here are some bedroom designs for boys.Add Essential FurnitureThe furniture starts with a perfect, comfy bed. As mentioned above go for a car bed or other such designer beds that match with your boy’s taste. You can go for the bunk beds if the room is shared. A trundle bed is great for added storage. A two tier bed with shelving and study table attached is a great piece of furniture for boys room. Headboard with hockey sticks, bats or football dsigns are best elements of bedroom furniture to enhance the boys room designsOne of the useful boys bedroom ideas is to have a lot of shelving. Shelves will help keep their things off floor and well organized. Go for colorful shelf borders and doors. A mix of close and open shelves is a good idea for decorating boys room. Floor mats and throw pillowsbedroom will add to the

Tree Trimming – Do It Yourself

More people have been realizing the value of DIY know-how – especially when it comes to maintaining the health of their trees! From planting to mulching and everything in between, people have really starting to exercise their green thumbs. Yet when it comes to tree -trimming, it’s best to have a key set of tips under your belt before you start wielding those pruning tools; after all, one wrong move, and you can kiss that beautiful tree good-bye!

Here’s what you need to know about successful DIY tree-trimming:

Safety First. Before you get started, it’s important to protect yourself from any possible injuries, even if you’re trimming a smaller tree. Remember to always wear a pair of goggles (this will prevent splinters from getting into your eyes), thick pruning gloves and a helmet. Additionally, make sure that any ladder you use is sturdy and firmly rooted on the ground – otherwise, you could seriously injury yourself in a fall. After all, your tree-trimming efforts will go to waste if you end up in the hospital!

The Key Is In The Cut. When trimming, don’t cut the branch too closely to the trunk of the tree; this risky move might backfire, as healthy bark will be torn from the base of the tree when the limb is removed. On the other hand, you don’t want to leave too much of the dead branch. Hit a happy medium by cutting at “the collar” of the branch, which will leave a bit of a stump. 

Know When To Trim.Most landscaping experts and arborists agree that you can trim most trees anytime.  There are a few species of trees as well as fruit trees that you may want to trim in the fall months, but most trees can be trimmed any time of the year.

Don’t Tackle Major Branches.A savvy DIY-er will always know when to call in the professionals once the job gets to be too big; so if you’re thinking about tackling any major branches yourself, put down the tools and back away slowly. Major branches should be taken on by professionals, so ask your arborist to handle these bigger – and more dangerous – tasks.

Whether your tree trimming in Twin Falls Idaho or anywhere else the process is not that difficult.  If you are not sure whether you can do it yourself consider hiring a certified arborist as the expense is insignificant when compared to the immediate results.

Brett Dixon is a certified arborist and tree trimming expert in the Twin Falls Idaho area. Brett Dixon serves all of magic valley, wood river valley, Jerome Idaho and Twin Falls Idaho. For a no cost consultation and a copy of Brett’s newly released ebook absolutely free contact us on our website at

A project with passion

“You have to live in a place for a while to get to know how it’s going to work for you,” says the businesswoman – for whom this stylish, welcoming Son Vida property is a permanent family home, shared with her husband and small daughter. Achieving a makeover’s desired effect doesn’t always happen easily. In the case of this property, it’s taken three projects – the last of which was ongoing for four years – to create the comfortable home they have today.

The owners bought the property eleven years ago, as a traditional opulent Son Vida villa. It boasted space (including five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a garage for five cars), lashings of natural light, and breathtaking views over the Bay of Palma. With plenty of money, time, and a good interior designer, it’s not hard to make a typical Son Vida property look stunning. But making that property into something that looks fabulous, yet lends itself to ordinary day-to-day family life – chilling out at the end of a day’s work, enjoying family fun, or entertaining friends – requires something more. Knowing the property and how it’s to be used is a good starting point.

It goes without saying that a Son Vida property owner can probably afford the best things to put in their home, but this project illustrates that high-end and budget items, as well as one’s own artistic creations, can be successfully combined. This home incorporates fixtures and accessories sourced from Zara Home and Leroy Merlin, as well as purveyors of luxury goods, such as the famous London store, Liberty. “It’s about having the confidence to put things together,” the owner tells me. A good example is the pendant lighting over the dining table: the economically-priced silver globes came from Leroy Merlin, “but the red ones were probably the most expensive lights I’ve bought!” The dining table and sideboard were custom-made by local company F&I Cocinas y Baños, which also made the kitchen units. A runner for the long table was made with fabric from Rialto Living.

Inspiration came from many sources. While visiting Miami, the couple took photographs of some shelving units they saw and liked. Working from those images, skilled Mallorcan artisans reproduced the shelves, which now grace their living room. The doors in this large room were also hand-crafted, to replace the constructor’s originals.

Fengshui was a major influence in this project. A consultation and subsequent 28-page report by Natalie Jürges of Solera Fengshui ( revealed a number of issues that needed addressing:

“The house was very stylish,”

Natalie says, recalling her first visit. “It looked like a property you’d see featured in a magazine, but it was impersonal – lacking cosiness and a family feel, and it didn’t reflect the character of the owners.”

Natalie’s analysis was based on energy flow and energy quality throughout the property. She made recommendations to improve energy flow and introduce more of the element water, to increase the potential for relaxation: “There were some strong and dark colours used in the house which produced a strict, sometimes severe feel. In general, there was an excess of the elements earth and metal.”

The water element was increased in several areas by adding different shades of the colour blue (such as the lounger chair in the living room’s cosy reading corner) and silver, and introducing fabrics incorporating a wavy pattern (for example, on the living room armchairs and the Designers Guild Montefiore rug in duck egg blue, sourced from Knox Design, on the covered terrace). The very centre of the house – an important place in fengshui – is now marked by a low-hanging white lantern in the huge living room.

The exterior living areas of the home were the last to be tackled and the businesswoman turned to interior designer Justine Knox ( to source new outdoor dining furniture, easy chairs, rugs and a modular sofa for the covered terrace. “My client had seen a sofa in a magazine and wanted something similar,” Justine says. “We found a modular arrangement from one of our Spanish manufacturers, Confort 2000, and she was able to try the Naron model in the showroom.” Designers Guild Tiana fabric was sent to the manufacturer, who made removable covers for each module. “The result is a very comfortable, practical and versatile sofa arrangement.” The new look was completed with easy chairs and low tables from the Gloster Axis range, dining tables from the Westminster Linea range (sourced from Knox Design), and cushions from La Oca. The project proves that indoor and outdoor furniture can be successfully combined.

The creative side of this businesswoman has resulted in some personal and unique touches that add to the charm and intimacy of this home. When the outdoor terraces were re-paved, she painted the terracotta plant pots to give accents of colour. In the living room of the house, her colourful velvet-covered candlesticks are always a talking point with visitors, and there are several of her simple but effective paintings hanging in the property. Lilac silk fabric from Liberty was made into curtains for the master bedroom, but look again and you’ll spot the crystal droplets (hand sewn by ‘I Love Fabrics’) onto the drapes add a sparkle in the morning sunshine. Putting her personal stamp on the property by using her own artistic traits has added to the family feel of the home.

The total project has certainly been a protracted one, but what used to be a rather impersonal but luxurious villa is today a stylish contemporary, yet cosy, family home – evidence of this businesswoman’s creative flair, open-mindedness, and belief in the principles of fengshui.

Not to mention patience and tenacity . . .

Dr. Helen Cummins is the Editor of abcMallorca Magazine a high quality guide to mallorca printed in three languages including informative Articles about Mallorca, up to date Events Guide and a Business Directory.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring

Wiki defines hardwood flooring as a term used to describe the hard wooden materials used in the construction of flooring products. There are two main types of hardwood flooring, solid hardwood and Engineered Hardwood Flooring. What hardwood flooring does not consist of is laminate wood flooring. Laminate wood floors have become popular and are synonymous with brand names such as Pergo. Laminate wood floors are made of a synthetic layer that is colored and textured to look like wood, but are priced lower and have improved durability.

Engineered hardwood floors can be identified by numerous layers that are bonded or glued together. This type of flooring has a plywood middle with a top layer veneer that will usually comes prefinished with a stain and sealer.

Solid hardwood flooring is cut from solid wood material and does not have a plywood core. Usually solid floors can be refinished more times than the engineered floor and usually tend to be less stable over time than the engineered floor. What does this typically mean for the buyer? It means that things like gaping or creaking all through the year and during seasonal changes is typical.

We only install superior quality engineered wood flooring here at HSW Floors. We have a relationship with ProSource with locations in Addison, Allen, and Ft.Worth where you can select from hundreds of samples to find the right one for you. You can also obtain your wood directly from them, along with any transition pieces and adhesives need. HSW Floors can pick up and deliver your engineered flooring and install it in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

By far the most preferred floor for HSW Floors customers is solid red oak hardwood flooring, finished on site with a hand-scraped texture and sealed with 3 coats of water-based polyurethane. Solid hardwood floors installed on the first floor usually require the installation of a plywood subfloor and a few levels of vapor barrier. We provide all the services needed to carry out your project at HSW Floors including removal of the original floor, removal and installation of baseboards, baseboard painting, door adjustments and shoe mold.

This article was brought to you by Wood Flooring Dallas. At Wood Flooring Dallas, our goal is to provide you, the homeowner, with the flooring you really want, at prices you’ll love, and with service you’ll be amazed with.

Choosing wall and floor tiles

Choosing wall tiles and floor tiles can create a dilemma, with so many tile materials, styles and designs, home owners certainly have lots of choice. The first aspect of choosing wall and floor tiles is the suitability for the room you are installing them in and there are certain aspects to consider. If you are installing floor tiles in a high traffic area such as the kitchen then it is a must to opt for a strong and durable tile that has low maintenance levels.

If you are redecorating the bathroom area, any wall tiles and floor tiles you choose need to be suitable for areas where there is water and moisture. It is also really important that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Marble tiles are popular and there is no doubt that they have an elegant presence, however they are not often installed on kitchen floors because they are a higher maintenance tile and if your kitchen is a busy family kitchen, it may be more suitable to opt for an alternative tile material. Marble tiles can be used in small areas of the kitchen such as borders and small islands in the centre of the kitchen and if you have an area that you want to make a real focal point of, marble tiles are great at bringing elegance and style. Marble mosaics are also great and will work really well with other tile combinations.

Ceramic tiles are ideal solutions for walls and floors; they are strong, durable and easy to clean. Many home owners find there to be an abundance of style and design when looking for ceramic tiles and they are certainly a tile that will last the test of time.

Many natural stone combinations work well in kitchens and bathrooms but some types of natural stone are not really suitable for particularly wet areas. Natural stone floor tiles will make an impressive addition to kitchens and there are many different types in which to choose from. Slate tiles in particular are good, strong tiles that are very popular at the moment and the darker shades work really well on kitchen floors.

Glass tiles are also a tile that is strong, durable and will make an impression in both kitchens and bathrooms. Glass tiles work well on backsplash areas, around baths, showers and as borders. Glass tiles come in various colours and shades and can make a room appear larger because they reflect the light really well and for this reason they are excellent for smaller rooms and awkward spaces. Glass tiles are very durable and the colour will remain bright and new looking because it is applied during the manufacturing process unless you opt for hand painted tiles which will give the home owner a wider choice of design, hand painted Glass tiles may fade if harsh chemicals are applied often.

Quarry tiles are gaining in popularity and work really well on kitchen floors and hallways where there is a high level of traffic because they are strong and durable, quarry tiles come in rich reds and browns which work really well in traditional and modern settings.

Always consider your tile choices wisely to ensure they are ideal for the place they are being installed, this ensures that your tiles will last for many years and will stay looking as good as new.


Tile choice offer a wide variety of tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.

Installing Floor Tile Over Old Linoleum

Ceramic floor tile is a great choice for many rooms throughout the home, and installing tile flooring is a commonly tackled project for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Many people have no trouble installing a full room of ceramic tile without calling in a professional, which can be a big money saver. If your existing floor is covered with linoleum, you can lay your new tile floor directly over the linoleum flooring to save money and time – and to add an extra layer of insulation beneath your tile. However, if you have a wooden subfloor beneath the linoleum, it is best practice to completely get rid of the old linoleum and underlayment beneath the linoleum before tile installation to prevent cracking and buckling of your tile due to the flexibility of the subflooring. If, on the other hand, the linoleum is only installed on top of a concrete slab, you can go ahead and lay your tile over top of it.

Preparing Your Floor

Before you begin installing your floor tile, you will want to remove any existing trim from around the edges of the flooring, including edge stripping and baseboards. Move any bathroom fixtures from the room, like the toilet. Clean the floor thoroughly, but do not rough up or sand the existing linoleum as many of the older types of linoleum may contains particles of asbestos that can lead to lung damage if inhaled. Use high quality sealant to block moisture from any spot where moisture tends to occur in the room. Lay out your tiles on bathroom floor to be certain that you have purchased enough tile flooring to complete the job.

Safety First

Before you begin to install your tile flooring over linoleum, be sure to open a window or provide other ventilation for the room in which you will be working. The adhesive that you will be using will let off fumes that can be toxic. You should also be aware that these fumes are also flammable, so don’t smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the room while you are installing your tile.

Tile Installation

You will find it most convenient and a big time saver to go ahead and cut any of the pieces of edging tile that you will need to place around areas of obstruction in the bathroom, like water inlets for toilets, or pipe fixtures. A wet saw can be used to make cuts for these tiles. You will also need a tile nipper, which is useful in clipping small notches from tiles to make them fit into corners or around pipes. Wet saws are quite expensive, but luckily you can rent one at many home improvement stores in lieu of buying one outright. Starting in the center of the area where your tiles are laid out, apply adhesive to the back of the tiles using a trowel that is “notched”. This type of trowel provides a grooved surface for the tile’s back that will help it to adhere better to the floor. Use tile spacers to leave the appropriate amount of space between each tile to allow for grouting. As you work, immediately clean up any excessive adhesive that may seep from beneath the tile as it is installed. Next, you will need to use good quality grout to fill in between the tiles, and you will need to work the grout between the tiles using a grout float. And last of all, the application of a bead of silicone caulking to any spaces around pipes and fixtures within the room will help to finish up the look of your bathroom tile. You’re now finished with the tile and can begin to reseat the fixtures that you have removed, and then reinstall the edging, baseboards and other trim that were removed initially.

Genuine talent is hard to find, and Angela Glancy from is the real deal as she offers new ideas for displaying metal wall decor and copper wall sculptures.

The Advantages Of Wood Flooring

The beauty of your home will come when you use wood floors for your flooring. No surprise why more and more people are using wood flooring. Fact is, the difference is continually there between wood-made flooring and the conventional flooring types. Undoubtedly, there is a reason why folks now desire floors made out from wood. The main reasons are excellent technology and affordability.

The expertise behind wooden made floors has progressed over the years that individuals can now afford it without having to disburse large sums of cash as it happens in other type of flooring. Departed are the years when installing wood floor requires an enormous cost. The materials were also immensely costly in comparison to the tile or carpet varieties. Till now, installing solid hardwood floors is quite expensive. However, the good news is that now people have various options to install wood based floors that are well engineered and affordable.

Before you go ahead with your plans to install a wood based floor, you have to know about its different types, which are solid woods, engineered and laminate woods. When you learn about the difference of these types of floorings then it will be clear to you that how much cost you need to use to complete the process.

The Strong Wooden Flooring Types-This is definitely probably the most pricey and luxurious variety. To start with, you want to purchase the solid wood of desired amount with appropriate thickness (primarily 3/8 or 3/4inch). Then you have to hire a flooring professional who can effectively covert these sold form of woods into proper floors. It is definitely quite expensive, but the durability factor is high as well. Floors made out of solid wood last for several years with minimum maintenance work. There is no doubt that it looks classy and stylish as well.

Engineered or Laminate Flooring- If the strong wood is natural and unrefined that needs to be converted into plank or strips, the engineered or laminate varieties are man-made. These can be found in the form of plank and strip, created from wood-cutting lamination. Now the technology has improved tremendously and you can get the hardiness and durability of solid woods with the laminate or engineered units. The price is much lower and you can get diverse styles that can make your floor look amazing. If you look at a solid wood floor and a laminated wood floor, it is quite difficult to ascertain the difference. That is the reason why, the popularity of the engineered or laminated wood flooring have increased considerably in the recent years.

You can get these types of flooring in diverse forms and colors. You can easily customize the look of your floors exactly the way you want.

We have wide range of wood flooring options that can serve your flooring needs perfectly. We assure you best quality and affordable price.

Marble tile flooring advice.

Marble tiles are known for their beauty and are considered the most luxurious tiles and they will certainly add real design and elegance to any home.

Marble tiles can and often are installed as floor tiles, although it has to be said that marble flooring is certainly the more expensive choice of tiles. If the area you are tiling is particularly large, installing marble tiles will certainly require a higher end budget.

There are lots of rooms where marble flooring is ideal such as bathroom floors, hallways and even living areas for home owners that prefer hard flooring as opposed to carpet flooring.  Marble tiles offer a cool flooring solution and are often used in hot countries where cool flooring offers comfort from very warm weather.

Marble tiles are beautiful and there is no mistaking that it is a sophisticated chic flooring solution but marble tiles need proper care and attention to ensure they maintain their pristine appearance.

There are the glazed and unglazed varieties of marble tiles, the glazed variety are hard with a smooth surface and they have the ability to resist stains.  The unglazed variety of marble tiles will not scratch but are not totally stain resistant and so extra care is needed to ensure the tiles remain stain free.

If special care is taken marble flooring will provide home owners with a versatile and beautiful floor tiling material.  Marble flooring will also be water resistant and thus a hygienic flooring solution for the home.

Marble flooring can be installed by home owners relatively easily but home owners need to ensure they have the correct tools to hand. If marble tiles are not installed correctly, there will almost certainly be problems with your flooring later on. There are many professional Tile installers who will be able to carry out the job professionally for a reasonable fee.

Marble flooring will certainly provide home owners with a versatile, hard wearing and beautiful floor tile solution but Marble tiles are the more expensive Tile material and will need extra care and maintenance than other tile materials. If all of these factors are considered, marble tiles are a great flooring material.

There are many different shades and colours of marble tiles and it is always advisable to have a good look around at the options available.  Marble tiles also come in different sizes and there are many designs that can be achieved with marble tiles.

Tile choice supply a wide range of tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.

Interior Design: Consulting An Interior Designer

Are you satisfied with the design you have in the interior part of your house? Do you plan to change the design, the theme, and the color? If you do then you might be wondering what would be the first thing that you need to do so it could meet your expectations. The first and very important thing that you need to do is to consult a professional interior designer. You might be wondering why you need to see them if you can simply do it yourself. One of the reasons is they have the expertise when it comes to this matter. They know how to balance and match up colors and place the decorations where they should be. They might also provide you with meanings of the themes that they have in mind. But of course, they will still depend on the idea that you want to do with your interior design. They will just enhance it to make it more elegant and attractive.

But one thing that you should know in consulting a professional interior designer is they have a rate that you need to pay. They design interiors for a living. So, before you consult anybody, you need to know their rates first, so you would know if it fits to your budget or not. Some of them maybe expensive but the rate is still negotiable so don’t hesitate to negotiate in case you want to hire an interior designer to design your interiors. You could also ask for some samples of their designs so you would have an idea of what they specialize with. They will inform you of the materials that you need for the specific design or themes that you want. Also ask for the estimated budget you would know how much money you need to prepare.

However, if you don’t want to pay or hire a professional interior designer to design your house, you could always check the internet for ideas and tips. You will find some do-it-yourself designs if you have the skills or if it’s your passion to decorate your house. Try to read different articles and reviews and for sure you will have an idea how you could beautify the interior design of your home. But let me remind you that this may not be easy especially if you are particular with the arrangement and the colors. You also need to know what materials or decors that you will be using to come up with the best interior design.

You could check some of the sample photos available online as well so you could picture out how your interior would look like. But doing it yourself could be risky and exhausting at the same time. You can ask your children and other family members to help you with the arrangement and renovation. This could be a fun activity as well. You could also share ideas and help each other out with the decorations. So any of those ideas above will do, as long as you come up with the results that you want and that could satisfy you.

Karissa Dupree is a design specialist who enjoys writing for which is an online resource for any type of home decor such as platform bed set amongst others.

Carpet or Solid Wood Floors?

Making sure your home is as economical as possible could involve all sorts of tasks and renovations but it could also simply be down to the type of floor you choose. With so many options, styles and designs now on the market this can be a difficult decision to make, however, once broken down it always comes to a choice between carpets, tiles or floorboards.

The age old debate on whether it’s better to have the soft and cosy feel of carpets or the natural warmth of wood flooring is still around but quite often the need for co-ordination or a ‘wow’ factor to any room can more often than not be the deciding factor on what to choose, rather than whether it can save you money on your heating bill.

Carpets are becoming out-dated with more home owners choosing wood flooring now that there is an increasing amount of variety on the market and they are also available in a variety of prices depending on your budget. They can also be bought in a variety of colours, adding warmth and texture to a room, with most wood floors quality getting better over time, it not only adds character but also value to your home.

Everyone loves the feel of a soft carpet underneath the feet but there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration if opting for a carpet instead of a wood floor. As well as attracting dirt and dust mites they can quickly become unattractive if not taken care of properly and those with young families might want to consider the wear and tear a carpet might endure around children.

Removing stains from a carpet can also be a costly venture and over time a carpet can become littered with different spots where stain remover has been applied. A wipe and sweep of a laminate floor is often quick and easy and any spillages or stains are removed immediately without altering the finish of the floor.

If you are a little sensitive to the cold and keeping a room warm is a main factor on deciding against a wood floor then this should make you think again. Now with state of the art heating systems it is possible to save money and keep your home warm by adding under floor heating.

The only way to do this is by installing a wood floor and it is fast becoming the perfect way to have a low maintenance heating system rather than a conventional boiler. This is because under-floor heating is so simple and has no working parts, the likelihood of it breaking down or failing is minimal.

So if we want to go back to the debate on whether it’s better to have wood floors or carpet, the argument is clearly leaning in the favour of the wood floor.

As well as being economical, it looks better, is easier to maintain and makes no difference to how a home is heated thanks to under-floor heating.

Contacts For information, sales and advice on flooring solutions, contact Floors Online 0800 731 2374 / 01827 283 184 UK Flooring distributor Floors Online supply a range of laminate flooring, solid wood floors, engineered wood floors and vinyl flooring products.