Top 7 Problems With Proposal Win Themes

Win theme is one of the top five elements of proposal persuasion – and if they don’t work, it will be much harder to stand out. Here are the top 7 problems with win themes we have observed in a number of companies, no matter what their business size and maturity level has been.

Most companies, despite their best intentions (and even understanding of what a win theme is supposed to look like), fail to sell in their proposals. Win theme is one of the top five elements of proposal persuasion – and if they don’t work, it will be much harder to stand out.

Time pressures force the team to start writing before themes are sufficiently developed and the entire proposal process begins to unravel. Here are the top 7 problems with win themes we have observed in a number of companies, no matter what their business size and maturity level has been:

Small Business Tools That Make Your Life Easier


You need small business tools, you need them now, and you need to learn how to use them fast! The good news is that these tools are relatively easy to master. They’re built to be intuitive towards user needs, so they shouldn’t be too challenging to the average person’s learning curve. In no time at all, you will find that just by using these tools, you can do things you never thought possible with your business.Mailchimp – This is an application that helps you send out newsletters to your customers who have opted in to receive them. It’s great because it handles everything for you and makes signing up new customers and unsubscribing others really easy and fast. The e-mails it sends out are beautiful, and it helps track who is reading your newsletters.Rescuetime – This program and website helps keep you on track and working on your business goals more often. Simply install it on your computer and it keeps track of everything you do on your computer. Then, you can go on the website and view how you have been doing. It shows you what percentage of your time you are spending on business-related websites and applications, and it also shows you what percentage of time was wasted on things like games.Hootsuite – This is a Twitter application that helps you manage multiple accounts all at once. Choose what you want displayed and how you post to your various accounts. It makes it a lot easier than having to sign out and back into a variety of different accounts just to make a single post.These three small business tools will definitely help you make the most of the time you spend on the computer. They streamline your business and help save time. They make processes quicker and more efficient. They make your life a lot easier, and a lot of small business owners swear by them. It’s really easy to use these tools, and I suggest you do. Your business will thank you for it!

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Five Crucial Components of a Business Plan

The format of a Business Plan is something that has been
developed and refined over the years and is something that should
not be changed. Like a good recipe, a business plan needs to
include certain ingredients to make it work.

When you create a business plan, don’t attempt to recreate its
format. Those reviewing this type of document have expectations
you must meet. If they do not see those crucial decision-making
components, they’ll see no reason to proceed with their review of
your business plan, no matter how great your business idea.

Executive Summary Section

Every business plan must begin with an Executive Summary section.
A well-written Executive Summary is critical to the success of
the rest of the document. Here is where you need to capture the
attention of your audience so that they will be compelled to read
on. Remember, it’s a summary, so each and every word must be
carefully selected and presented.

Use the Executive Summary section of your business plan to
accurately describe the nature of your business venture including
the need that you plan to fill. Show the reasons why people need
your product or service. Show this by including a brief analysis
of the characteristics of your potential market.

Describe the organization of your business including your
management team. Also, briefly describe your sales and marketing
plan or approach. Finally include the numbers that those
reviewing your business plan want to see – the amount of capital
you seek, the carefully calculated sales projections and your
plan to repay the loan.

If you’ve captured your audience so far they’ll read on.
Otherwise, they’ll close the document and add your business plan
to the heap of other rejected ideas.

Devote the balance of your business plan to providing details of
the items outlined in the Executive Summary.

The Business Section

Be sure to include the legal name, physical address and detailed
description of the nature of your business. It’s important to
keep the description easy to read using common terminology. Never
assume that those reading your business plan have the same level
of technical knowledge that you do. Describe how you plan to
better serve your market than your competition is currently

Market Analysis Section

An analysis of the market shows that you have done your homework.
This section is basically a summary of your Marketing Plan. It
needs to show the demand for your product or service, the
proposed market, trends within the industry, a description of
your pricing plan and packaging and a description of your company

Financing Section

The Financing section must show that you are as committed to your
business venture as you expect those reading your business plan
to be. Show the amount of personal funds you are contributing and
their source. Also include the amount of capital you need and
your plan to repay this debt. Include all pertinent financial
worksheets in this section: annual income projections, a
break-even worksheet, projected cash flow statements and a
balance sheet.

Management Section

Outline your organizational structure and management team here.
Include the legal structure of your business whether it is a
partnership, corporation or limited liability corporation.
Include resumes and biographies of key players on your management
team. Show staffing projection data for the next few years.

By now you’re probably thinking that you don’t need Business Plan
just yet. Well you doFree Web Content, and there is business plan building
software that can help you through this immense project. These
software packages are easy to use and affordable. Use one today
and produce a professional-quality Business Plan – including all
critical components – tomorrow!

Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen


If you are tired of your outdated kitchen, you can renovate or remodel it. Renovating your kitchen can add the value to your property significantly. The kitchen is main place of house. Kitchen is an area where you cook the food for family and also you gather together for meal. A cooking area is very important part of your house and it is also important to keep it clean to provide your family a hygienic food. Kitchen is most used place in the home and usually many women spend half of their time in kitchen. Kitchen renovation is an expensive and time consuming task. If you want to renovate your kitchen, and then first decide you need to hire a professional or want to do it yourself. Before starting the work on kitchen renovation, it is important to make a proper plan what changes you want to do. It is also important to properly know about the budget which you want to spend on kitchen renovation. Always plan your budget according to your wants, needs, electrical work and plumbing. The tip one is to use high quality material in your kitchen. When you are planning to renovate or update your kitchen always choose high quality branded products which have guarantee and warranty. Never choose materials which have low quality because it would not last long. Choosing high quality hinges and drawer slides ensures that your cabinets and drawers would not jam with use. Wood veneer is long lasting and it is more durable than laminate, MDF and melamine for the interiors of your cabinet. The second tip is to properly measure for your kitchen’s cabinet height. The ideal and attractive height of kitchen cabinets is usually 8 inches. The new trend is to make cabinets high along with the ceiling which will increase your kitchen’s storage space and look attractive and stylish. The third tip is to decide first that you want to paint or not to the paint. Paint is more reliable you can choose new colors for the kitchen renovation. Always choose fresh colors to give fresh look to your kitchen. You can also choose kitchen tiles for the walls. The fourth tip is select appropriate countertops. When you are choosing your kitchen countertops always try to choose countertops that not only looks stylish but also easy to maintain. Marble is an elegant and very trendy but expensive. Marble is easy to maintain you can clean it with mild cleanser and cloth. The other countertops which are easy to maintain are laminate and soapstone. Both of these come in to different colors. The other tip for you is to decide properly where you want lights in the kitchen. Lightning in kitchen is very important can truly make over your kitchen. Always be sure that where you want to like recessed or direct lightning. In some areas, combination of both lights also looks great. A kitchen renovation is a tough task but can give fresh look to your home.

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To give your bathroom a facelift, opt for bathroom refurbishment Halifax

 First of all, while refurbishing the house, it is the bathroom that requires maximum attention. However, while we spent time in coordinating the wall colour for the rooms, it is the bathroom that gets overlooked. A bathroom is the place where you wash off the day’s strain and is also the place known to infuse creative ideas. Hence, bathroom refurbishment Halifax should have a tinge of imagination too and should be a comfortable and bright place.

While refurbishing the house, it is the bathroom that requires maximum attention. However, while we spent time in coordinating the wall colour for the rooms, it is the bathroom that gets overlooked. A bathroom is the place where you wash off the day’s strain and is also the place known to infuse creative ideas. Hence, bathroom refurbishment Halifax should have a tinge of imagination too and should be a comfortable and bright place. The plumber in Halifax whom you are to appoint should be updated on recent trends and be the best in the field. Both aesthetic and hygiene quotient should be kept as a primary agenda while opting for such refurbishments.

But how to know which plumber in Halifax should you choose? Here are a few key points to help you decide:
1.    The plumber should have enough experience to handle all kinds of bathroom refurbishment Halifax jobs.
2.    He should know about the current day trends and design and should be competent in execution.
3.    He should be registered with concerned authority and should be the able to handle all related chores associated with the task.

Finding a plumber in Halifax is not so difficult because all the reputed companies have their websites updated, you need to find one such company that provides quality work at pocket friendly rates. Reading the website well will provide all the required details about the company and the kind of services it provides relating to bathroom refurbishment Halifax. The testimonial section tells you all about the market reputation of the company and its services. Book them and discuss your plan in detail. Go through product catalogues and incorporate your needs and imagination to personalise a design.

For example, if you are changing the floor or walls as part of the bathroom refurbishment Halifax work, you can incorporate an indoor plant flower bed by the window, or, you can add small racks on the wall to place small knickknacks to add a little twist. Ask the plumber in Halifax to install faucets that have an interesting look. The keyword while designing a bathroom is to utilize the entire space which does not mean putting a thousand things by your feet. Rather it means the bathroom should be designed to give a spacious feel yet have everything you would need.

If you have a small bathroom, put the bathing essentials on the wall cabinet and keep the sink and shower room sleek. Freestanding bathing units save a lot of place. Blocked drainage system and cleansing the sewage unit should also be done at regular intervals with a help of a good plumber in Halifax. In addition, the doorframes should always be checked during the bathroom refurbishment Halifax and should be coated with water resistant paint or polyester shield. A proper maintenance of the bathroom and scheduled checkups keep the bathroom as good as new for a long time. HenceFree Web Content, a tad bit of initiative from your end can save unwarranted sudden expense on refurbishments and give you a cosy and clean bathroom all the time.

Small Business and the Internet?

I have been working with Websites for a number of years and have found that for small business owners, they are so confused with how the whole system works. Most small business owners either not have a website or have a website that doesn’t work.Let’s take a look at some of the processes that need to be considered by the small business owners when setting up a website.

I have been working with Websites for a number of years and have found that for small business owners, they are so confused with how the whole system works. Most small business owners either not have a website or have a website that doesn’t work.

They tend to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to learning about the Internet.


Business Advertising is changing rapidly, more and more clients are using smart devices and the internet to find their products and services.


So many small business owners are being left in the dark ages, are you one of them, do you have a website? do you keep in contact with your existing clients? do you know what QR codes are? are you spending thousands on advertising?

Most small business owners are either burying their head in the sand and not doing anything or spending thousands and it’s not working. There are some simple steps for listing your business online that are very inexpensive or free.


I have found that most Small Business Owners are either confused about getting their business online or they haven’t got the time to do the work.


Let’s take a look at some of the processes that need to be considered by the small business owners when setting up a website.


What’s the first things for Small Business to consider when wanting to be online?

What is my purpose for the website

Is it to to collect clients details, sell products, provide a service. It’s important to clarify why you actually want a website.


Should I do the website myself or get someone to do it?

I noticed small business owners who get someone to do their website are charged way too much and they are not getting the full service, so that the website benefits them or they do the website themselves, but don’t understand the search engine optimisation strategies that are needed to get traffic to their website.


The first steps are choosing a Domain Name, think about this carefully, you should be using the same name as your business or something that is very similar. Do NOT use long website names or symbols and try to avoid numbers. Good Domain names are simple and easy for your client to remember.


Then comes picking the Hosting Site. There are hundreds to choose from. You need to consider the size of your website, is it going to be an online website. A fair price for hosting is up to $9.00 a month and you should be getting unlimited space. You can get great prices from $2.25 per month for 25gb or $3.75 per month for 100gb. Do your research, don’t pay too much for your hosting.


What type of Website?

Now I love WordPress, it’s free and you can upload it easy into your hosting site. WordPress is very easy to use and has lots of plugins, search engine optimisation, you don’t need programming skills, you can upload photo’s, video’s etc very easily into this website platform.

WordPress is great for


There is another site that is great, which is Drupal, this platform is if you need to do more complicated work because you have a website like

Now there is adding the content, pictures, video’s, signup forms, legals, contact us, products, services and whatever is needed for your website to look and feel great.

Keep your Header simple and to the point. What your Business is about? The name and unique selling distinction, add a photo of yourself or your logo.


Now most small business owners, think that’s it. All the information has been entered into the website, people will automatically come to your website.


Not quiet, there are lots of small things that you can do now that will get traffic to your website.


How To sites

Google Listings like maps and places

Yahoo Listings

Yelp Listings

Local Listings



Social media

Squeeze pages

Mini sites

Press Release Sites

QR Codes


Smart Devices



The above will give you extra exposure to being ranked by the search engines, which brings more traffic being driven to your site. I won’t go into the descriptions of all the above hereFeature Articles, but you can certainly read my other articles to get what each of these do.

Handyman: Finding a Reputable Contractor


When something needs to be done around your home, whether it be a leaky faucet that needs to be fixed or a more substantial job, like replacing a door, working with an experienced handyman helps the process go smoothly, eliminating unnecessary setbacks caused by inexperienced workmanship.Choosing a contractor, whether you work with an independent one or one that works with a company, can bring some anxiety, because you will be letting a stranger into your home. By carefully researching your options and any workers you are considering, you can find a trustworthy person to help you spruce up your home.A quality handyman will be professional. Look for a contractor who can provide a written estimate. Having a written contract ensures that everyone clearly understands the cost involved with the job. Ask for an estimate on company letterhead, even if the letterhead is from the contractor’s own independent company. This shows that you are working with a professional. Also, ask to see the contractor’s business card, which a true professional will have ready to hand to you.Next, ask about payment arrangements. Contractors that require cash payment may be less than honest. While cash is definitely a legitimate way to pay, look for a contractor that will accept other forms of payment, such as a personal or certified check.Once you feel comfortable about a particular contractor’s professionalism, it’s time to check credentials. Ask to see the handyman’s licenses and registrations, when applicable. Inquire about what third-party property and injury insurance coverage he has. You need to be sure that you are not held liable if he gets injured while working on your home. Find out if any trade professionals that will be used on the job are bonded.Some handymen hold membership with homebuilders associations or your local chamber of commerce. Ask to see any credentials like these. The more credentials a handyman has, the more confident you can feel about hiring him.No matter how well you look into an individual’s experience and credentials, the best way to find a reputable handyman is by word of mouth. Look on websites that allow people to review local service professionals. Talk to friends and family members about the individuals they have used to fix up things around their homes. When this person has a good reputation in the local community, you know you are working with an excellent service professional.

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Plumbing – Before You Remodel


This is the service that runs throughout these areas of the home to help
move water to and from the areas you need it. Water, as one of the most
important and dangerous aspects in a home, needs planning. Before you
take on any remodeling project, it is critical to ensure the right
plumbing professional is helping you with this aspect of the home.

Where Is It?
One of the first questions you need to ask is where the current plumbing services are within the area. You need to know:

• Where current pipes are running, such as under cabinets or into appliances

• What condition those current systems are in.

When you know this, you are then able to make decisions about where the
appliances in your home need to go or where water needs repaired. The
reason for doing this type of exploratory procedure is quite simple. It
provides you with a way to know what the potential benefits are and
where the potential risks are. Here are some common things to consider.

• Is the plumbing in the right place for the remodeling project you plan
to do? If you already have a layout in mind, ensure the pipes make it
happen in their current condition.

• If not, can you move them? This is not always the easiest process and it can be impossible in some situations.

• Is the underlayment, including all wood and insulation in good
condition? It is quite often possible that a leak can cause damage that
is significant and even severe. You may not realize that the floorboards
under your shower, for example, are bad until it falls through.

• Is the plumbing up to code? This is an important situation since any
area where there is a building code will require there to be codes
followed. You need to ensure the design you put in place follows those

• Does the new proposed layout allow for the most effective, safest
method for transporting water to and from the bathroom, kitchen or other
area? Is there something that can be more efficient?

When you discuss plans to remodel any space, do think about the
plumbing. It may not seem like a system that you can actually improve
on, but it does needs your attention. A small mistake or a hidden
problem can deter any remodeling project right from the start. It can
also leave you facing a significant problem over the long term if you do
not plan for fixes and repairs now. A plumbing professional can help
you to make the right decisions.

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Laser Tattoo Removal – Not Finding a Doctor, Finding a Good Doctor

Laser Tattoo Removal and the Doctor for You

As the novelty of tattoos become increasingly more popular, so does the desire and demand for removing tattoos. There is no doubt the tattoo craze is spreading like wildfire across the nation, and in its aftermath and devastation it leaves behind a growing trail of tattoo regret.

With tattoo removal high in demand, there is certainly no shortage of doctors eager to fire up their new lasers and blast away your unwanted ink.  Finding a doctor for tattoo removal is not the problem, it’s finding a good doctor that is.

The title “physician or surgeon” legally permits however does not automatically qualify the person as an expert with lasers and at performing laser tattoo removal.  Certified training, actual “hands-on experience, and proven results are the necessary qualifiers for a safe effective laser treatment.   And, while it is true “We all have to start somewhere” it is important for you to ask yourself “Do I want to be the experimental learning curve?”

Finding a knowledgeable doctor to perform laser tattoo removal treatments requires a little research and background check on reputation.

Keep in mind you will become a regular at the practice with monthly appointments for an unknown length of time.  It is important to find a doctor not only with a solid reputation in laser removal, but also one in close proximity to your home or place of work, and above all one you are comfortable conversing with.

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few local, reputable doctors, schedule an initial consultation with each doctor.  This will allow you to gather some more information about the facility, the doctors, and the nurses assisting them.

It may take a little more time and effort on your part, but in the end you will be very glad you did your homework in finding a truly qualified doctor for laser tattoo removal treatments.  Remember, you already started this process with regretFree Articles, the last thing you want is to take on more.  

A small Small Business summary

There really isn’t any guidelines for when the term small business is used, however it is simply defined as a business which has a small number of employees. How few employees is debatable, and the definition of when a business changes from a small business to a larger corporation varies both by country and industry. This number is generally less then 100 employees.

As mentioned before small businesses due to their nature, are in most times sole proprietorships, partnerships, or privately owned. Common in may countries, small businesses, are most oftenly related to: accountants, restaurants, guest houses, photographers, small shops, hairdressers, tradesmen, solicitors, lawyers, small-scale manufacturing etc. Small businesses in often cases are located in private homes, for two main reasons. The first is because it is economical and in most cases convenient. The second reason is that there are several benifits with tax,etc for having your business in your home.

Running a small business is an exciting venture, and a great way to introduce yourself into the business world, and to gain business sense. If you are interested in starting your own small business, I would recommend having a talk with a local lawyer or accountantPsychology Articles, who will be able to answer questions that are specific to your local area. Good luck with your new venture!