Roof Repair Should Never Be Put Off


The condition of a home’s roof can make or break both the home’s overall structural integrity and its aesthetic appeal. Even a slightly damaged roof can create structural problems due to leaks and the potential for mold. On the other hand, a badly damaged roof not only affects the home’s overall living condition, but it also makes the home stick out and look unkempt, which can lower the home’s value. Therefore, a roof repair should be addressed immediately in order to avoid further damage Although there are many different materials that can be used for roofing, all of these materials are designed to last for at thirty years. This makes the need for repairs very infrequent, but the roof can only last this long under the right conditions and care. For instance, extreme weather conditions can greatly affect the integrity of the material, creating the need for an immediate roof repair. Heavy snowfall is one of the biggest culprits because snow accumulation because can cause sagging, which can eventually lead to a roof collapse if the snow is not removed to relieve this excess weight. Furthermore, snow compromises the water tightness, or ability to repeal water. The roofing material is treated with water-resistant sealants to help prevent water seepage into the home. However, when this is compromised due to heavy snowfall, the homeowner may begin to notice dampness and slight water leaks in the home. In fact, when heavy snowfall is accompanied with dampness and leaking in the home, this could be an indicator of a potential roof collapse. Extremely hot temperatures affect the roof differently by literally melting the sealant and tar, causing the shingles to become displaced. In addition, some hotter climates might experience an extreme temperature change at night, which cause the shingles to crack and buckle from the materials constantly expanding and contracting from the temperature changes. With these factors in mind, roof repair and maintenance should be conducting during these extreme weather situations. Although most homes will be equipped with a roofing material that can handle the local weather patterns, paying attention to the home’s symptoms can help in the fight against a degraded roof. Just like any other home maintenance need, a roof repair should never be done immediately. Luckily, there are service contractors that offer 24 hour service. These are especially helpful during extreme weather conditions, which can quickly compromise the overall integrity of the roof.

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How do capture and proposal consultants charge for their services?

If you have limited experience hiring proposal consultants, and
wonder how they charge for their services as they help you develop your winning
proposal or are curious if there are better ways to negotiate and work with
consultants, read on.

Some proposal consultants charge on an hourly basis. The majority of capture
and proposal consultants charge on a strictly hourly basis. This means that if
they work only one hour in a day, they will charge you for only that hour. If,
on the other hand, they work a 14-hour day, they will get paid for all 14 hours,
unlike exempt company employees who get paid for 8 hours each day no matter how
long they work. A lot of consultants in this profession prefer to work this way
because they come from a company environment where they are used to working
80-hour weeks and being paid for 40 hours.

Capture and proposal consultants that charge flat rates. Other capture and proposal
consultants will establish a flat daily rate usually based on the cost of 8, or
more commonly, 10 hours of their work. This is what you will pay them no matter
how few or how many hours they put in. It is wise for you to set boundaries on
the minimum number of hours worked. For example, you may set a minimum of hours
worked at 6 hours to count a full day, so that you do not end up paying a full day’s
fee for half a day’s work. If the consultant has that flat fee rate for the
day, it is also advantageous for you to introduce increments of the day. You
can negotiate that they split that day in half if they worked under 6 hours, or
even charge you for a quarter day if they worked under 2 hours.

Some long-term consultants will agree to a weekly maximum of hours
that they can charge
, and will stick to that maximum regardless of the workload. For
example, they may agree not to exceed 70 hours per week, even though they do
not have a flat daily rate. This helps you control proposal budget, but some
consultants, if the task requires 14-hour days with no weekends (since you have
greatly understaffed your effort) may not agree to this approach.

Success fee for winning proposals. Then, there is success fee
compensation. This approach can work two

way, which is ideal for an emerging business that has limited money, is to get
a consultant to agree to work for free. In this approach, the consultant bears
all the risk. If the contract is won, the consultant gets a substantial success
fee. If the contract is lost, the consultant gets nothing. This type of
compensation is a business owner’s dream. There are entirely too many variables
in this approach that a consultant cannot directly affect, especially if they
are not involved in months and moths of necessary pre-proposal positioning
called capture.

The consultant also bears the risk of not seeing the money until the award.
Even corporations now take their sweet time to make decisions, but the
situation is worse with government contracts. Some government agencies may take
months or years to make an award decision, and this decision may be protested
to boot, causing a recompete. Just think back to or look up Northrop Grumman’s
aerial tanker aw ard and the recent downselect protest of the TSA ITIP
contract, and you will know what I mean.

Another risk the consultant bears is that the management of the company, once
the contract is won, may find a way not to pay them because the people who made
the commitments have been replaced by others, or legal agreements put in place
are hard to enforce. The consultants expected profit may be also reduced
because the customer may cut down the scope of work, thus lowering the total
amount of the award, or break the contract into option years, where the next
option award is not guaranteed. There are also aspects of the success fee for
winning government contracts that are prohibited by the Federal Acquisition
Regulations (FAR).

These days, no one ever hears of proposal consultants who will agree to work
for a success fee.
 I often
get approached by entrepreneurs suggesting that we work this way, and I just
explain to them exactly what the risks are for me. Once they understand, they
realize that there is no way to structure a win-win relationship using this

2.Another way to do
success fees is to put in place a blended approach, similar to the way
lobbyists are paid. This way, a consultant is paid a discounted hourly, daily,
or weekly rate for the hours. Then, when the project gets awarded, the
consultant gets a success fee that is substantially larger than what he or she
would have gotten by charging their full rate. It is less expensive for the
business upfront, and it is less risk for the consultant. There are some people
in the proposal industry that will agree to work this way.

Fixed fee for proposal work. Some
businesses look to negotiate a fixed fee for the proposal effort. Just like in
all fixed fee contracts, the key for the consultant is estimating accurately
and building in enough margin for contingencies. Businesses are unwilling to
include a contingency margin, because this approach is meant to save them money
in the first place. For a consultant, this is a risky proposition, especially
in government proposals, where deadlines get extended all the time, and
requirements get modified in the middle of a proposal preparation process. I have not heard of any consultants
who work on a fixed fee basis, although a lot of businesses tend to think of it
as a viable option.

Package pricing for proposals. One
variable of a fixed fee approach is package pricing, which could be structured
in a way that takes into consideration both budgetary and risk issues, and
tends to put a cap on certain charges that may get out of hand. Some proposal
houses offer this option when they have a lot of established processes and
templates meant to streamline many time-consuming tasks, have salaried staff,
and are able to accurately estimate the effort and renegotiate if deadlines get

Other pricing models. There are
also specific business models that some proposal houses use to get paid that
may involve teaming with the company not only for capture and proposal work,
but also for project execution if the proposal is won. There is also a retainer
fee approach which works much better for captureFind Article, rather than proposal work.

method of paying consultants has its advantages and disadvantages and
associated management techniques that I will discuss in the later posts.

Finding A Home Improvement Contractor


So you’ve decided to move forward with a few home improvement projects;
You’ve put in the hours of research, thought up a game plan and obtained
the funding, but still need to hire a professional who can get the job
done right. Home improvements can add to the value of you home, but only
when done correctly. As such, it is crucial when planning out your home
improvement projects that you are able to find someone with a fair
amount of experience and knowledge in the area you are about in invest
in. In this article, we will offer up a few tips to help you find your
perfect home improvement specialist.

Step 1 – You have friends, right? Well now’s the time to use them! Call
up friends and family members in your area in hopes of obtaining
recommendations. It’s a wonderful way to begin your search, and will
help you hone in on quality options, while steering you clear of
individuals who are inexperienced and unqualified. This will also afford
you the ability to view prior work that has been completed by the
individual in question.

Step 2 – Take a trip down to your local home improvement store. Most mom
and pop shops will have a list of contractors that they recommend to
their customers. Most will be happy to offer up information that will
help you spend money in their store.

Step 3 – Take a look at the contractor’s website. This will help you
determine how seriously they take their business. There, you can view
past project pictures, the services offered, and even obtain a quick
quote on the work you are looking to have completed.

Step 4 – If you have a real estate agent that you have worked with in
the past, give them a call to find out whether they have any additional
recommendations for you. Most realtors will have a vast knowledge of
home improvement specialists, as they will typically use them to spruce
up properties.

Step 5 – Now that you’ve gathered a solid list of candidates, sit down
and pick out three that have made a positive impression on you. Call
them up and ask to schedule a consultation. This will allow you to meet
them face to face, obtain an estimate, check up on their credentials and
call any references that are provided. Any reputable professional will
be happy to provide you with the contact information of three previous

Step 6 – During your consultation, it is important to evaluate whether
you are able to communicate with your candidate. Are they able to answer
your questions in a way that makes sense to you? Do they make you feel
confident in their abilities? Would you be comfortable trusting this
individual inside your home? All of these aspects should play a role in
your decision making.

Step 7 – After your meeting, you should have a fairly good idea of who
will be getting your business. Pick up and phone and schedule your
project date!

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Home Improvement Loans

If you need a new guest room or want to remodel your old kitchen to meet modern standards, you should look into getting a home improvement loan. These loans use your current home as equity.

Kitchen Remodeling: Add Value To Your Existing Home


Kitchen remodeling is something that will definitely give the home more
value. A professional remodeling construction crew can make your house
look like new again. In fact, you will think that it is better than new
because it will still include all of the favorite parts about the house
and now you will have added a few more with the remodel. No job is too
small to make a difference. It may be as simple as adding a wall or
knocking down an existing one. A professional can advise you the best
structurally and give a good price point.

Some owners think that it is not really a remodel unless the cabinets
are replaced. Suggestions for the kitchen remodeling can be found every
where but it is best if you talk with the company that you have chosen
to do the work and explain some of the concepts that you will want
included in the project. He will then take the lead and make some
suggestions you may like and appreciate. This is another advantage of
working with a professional. They may bring up some suggestions that you
might have never considered otherwise.

Kitchen remodeling is what this professional does for a living every day
so it makes sense that he may have an even better idea than yours. Keep
an open mind and a somewhat flexible budget. You must remember that
some things will actually wind up being cheaper if you plan ahead and
put them in as you rebuild. For example, you may not have it in your
budget to buy new appliances this month but you know this is something
that you will do in the near future.

It makes sense that you would want to include all of the new appliances
on your wish list in the design of your new set up. This way all of the
preparation will have been done with the kitchen remodeling. You can
even take your time and purchase each item one at a time if you like
because there is already a place for all of them. As soon as you find
the best deal for each one, you can add it to your new kitchen.

There are others who would rather be inconvenienced only one time and
prefer to have all the work done at one time including all of the
kitchen remodeling and any equipment or appliances to be used. Some
decide to move out for the duration of the work or at the very least
enjoy the fact that no one has to cook and eat out every day. Of course,
this could become a habit after the completion of the work. Once you
see the remodel in one room, it can be habit forming also.

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The Complete Home Automation Buyers Guide

Home automation. Something that many are just dreaming about. Is this something that you can install in your home and is this really possible?

When it comes to home automation, there are so many that have questions about purchasing your own system at home. But, they don’t even know if this is a technology that is available yet. With all this information, it will be easier for you to decide if this is something that you can do at home. And, it will give you all the information on how to purchase your first home automation system.

When it comes to home automation, there are so many that have questions about purchasing your own system at home. But, they don’t even know if this is a technology that is available yet. With all this information, it will be easier for you to decide if this is something that you can do at home. And, it will give you all the information on how to purchase your first home automation system.

Is it really possible to put devices on autopilot at home?

Is it really possible to put devices on autopilot at home, including your home theatre, lights, security systems and other devices? Or, is this just a dream that many have about putting on the kettle from your smartphone, and see who is at the door, without getting up from the coach?

The good news is that this is possible with the technology that we have today. But, then you need to know what devices you should purchase, and how you should install it correctly into your home, essentially converting it to a smart home. This is why this home automation buying guide is so important to consider.

Know your available budget for the automation

First things first. Know the budget that you have for automating your home. Some of the devices are cheaper than others. This is why you should make sure that you have a budget and know how much you are willing to spend. Don’t go overboard with purchasing your home automation devices, without even considering your budget.

These devices aren’t cheap at all, and you might want to start small. You can always purchase new devices later on. The best tip that we can give you is to stay on budget.

Different devices have different features

You should do research about the device that you are considering purchasing. This is because different devices have different features. The cheaper devices will automatically have fewer features than those devices that are more expensive.

You should make sure that you know what you want to get out of the device before purchasing it. Making sure that this is one of the features that the device has before you waste money on purchasing something you don’t want.

How easy is it to install and to maintain?

Another thing that you should consider before you decide to purchase your home automation system, is how easy is it going to be to install? Will you be able to install it on your own, or should you hire someone to do the installation for you? Spending more money on the system to get it to work properly.

And, what is maintenance going to the cost of the product? Some products are easy and cheap to maintain. While others are really expensive to maintain and will cost you a lot of money on maintenance. Or, it can’t be maintained and you need to replace it often. This is why you should do research about the product that you are considering buying when you are considering home automation in your home.

Home automation. Something that can be done in your home today. But then you need to make sure that you are purchasing the right products and that you are going to install them properly and making sure that you can maintain it at home. Then, you will know that you have a great home automation system at home, that is going to make life a lot easier when you arrive at home after work. Or, getting your morning coffee, without going to the kitchenFree Articles, making your coffee from scratch.

How to go about your bathroom remodeling preparations


A successful bathroom remodeling requires careful planning and dedication. Preparation is necessary for every project. So if you are planning for your bathroom remodeling at Rocky Hill, CT, create a plan and work accordingly. Before beginning any kind of work, make sure you have prepared your budget, list of supplies you need, your floor plan and most importantly legal consideration.In this article, we will study about the preparations you need to make before bathroom remodeling in Rocky Hill, CT. Prepare the budgetThe most important thing while remodeling your bathroom is the budget. Your budget decides your requirements and your needs. If you are low on budget, try and concentrate on things which are basic and important. If you can afford a lavish budget, you can add a personal touch to your bathroom. Preparation of budget is the first and foremost thing to consider while planning a renovation. Make sure to include two bench marks in your budget, one must be the amount which you can comfortably afford and the other must be the final price you are willing to pay. Estimate the amount which will be spent on supplies and on professionals. This estimation must be realistic. You can search over Internet for relevant pricing in your area. Designing a floor planBefore planning a bathroom remodeling in Rocky Hill, CT, it is wise to design a floor plan. The idea is to prepare for any additional space requirement. If you want your bathroom to be a little bigger, you will have to make space for it. Preparation of a floor plan helps you in estimating the required area and the cost of remodeling. Make sure you do not disturb the fixed items while expanding your bathroom. You can create space for your bathroom without disturbing your main pipeline, your toilet and other such fixed items. Listing your suppliesListing supplies in a right order is one the most important part of bathroom remodeling in Rocky Hill, CT. Make a list of important supplies needed for your bathroom remodeling project. Some very important supplies include wall tiles, lighting, showers, toilets, extra storage facilities, sinks, floorings, faucets, wallpapers etc. Keep secondary or less important thing’s list separate. Concentrating on usual and basic things is the key to ensure a good bathroom remodeling structure. Create a time table and follow legal considerationsCreating a time table to schedule your bathroom remodeling helps you finish your work on time. A well planned time table can help you save a lot of time and money. Legal considerations are also an important factor determining the success of your bathroom remodeling process. Ensure you have a building permit and have paid necessary fees and insurance charges for the construction.

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Bathroom remodeling Rocky Hill
– Bathroom
Cabinet is essential thing if you want your bathroom to be simple &
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A General Contractor Can Improve Your Home In Several Ways


Whether you are preparing your house to be put on the market for sale, or you just want to enjoy it for the several years you will live there, you may be thinking about remodeling. If so, you should probably get a general contractor. This type of professional can help you gather any permits you will need, buy the right materials, and of course oversee the actual project. Consider a few ways that you can use a general contractor to improve your house.One of the best ways to make your home more appealing, either to buyers or yourself, is to update the kitchen. If you have laminate countertops, an older stove, and no island, you are probably in need of a good remodel. Hire a professional to put in granite or marble countertops if you want a surface that will easily shine and stand up well to everyday use. This update can add some elegance and a modern touch to your house. Consider adding a backsplash to the wall while you are at it. If you want to add more surface space so you can prepare food and store containers easier than ever, you should add an island, or expand your current one, and top it with the same new material as the rest of the counters. Finally, updating your appliances does not always require the help of a general contractor, but people in this field can recommend the best ones to get since they see newly remodeled kitchens often. You should also update the bathroom if you wish to make improvements to the house in general. Adding shiny granite or tile countertops is a start, but you can go further by getting a new shower or bathtub installed. These projects require a professional since they involve moving plumbing fixtures, and doing it wrong can result in you flooding your home or breaking things. As long as you hire a general contractor for this service, you might as well find out what it would take to also improve the floor, especially if there are cracked tiles or peeling surfaces. If you have a large lot, but a house that is too small for you, think about adding on. Many people add a bedroom or two, but you can also add a bathroom or den to give you some extra living space. Whether your family is growing, or has already felt cramped in the home for years, you should think about this option. As long as you have extra space on your property for some expansion, you will likely be glad you did it. In particular, you will be glad you had a professional do it. Otherwise, you risk the new additions falling apart within months or years, requiring you to spend more money to fix the issue. This could also result in injuries to you and your family. Hiring an expert is definitely worth the money when it comes to taking care of your home and keeping your family safe from injury.

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Find a Contractor-Information Essential for Finding a Contractor that is Right for You


If you are planning any type of home renovation project, the key to the success of the project will depend on the amount of planning you invest in it. Even the best of intentions in a home improvement project can become your worst nightmare with poor planning. To avoid this problem, you can use the help of an online list that describes the services of local contractors in your area that members of the list have tried. You will get information on the importance of getting at least 3 bids on a project, the worst and best contractors, questions you need to ask a contractor before you hire them, and much more.This online list will discuss the importance of getting multiple bids on a project when you are looking to find a contractor. The rule of thumb is to get at least three bids on a project. It is essential to do your research on each company. Do not just choose the first five contractor companies that come up on your search of the internet when you are doing research on contractors. The online list will provide information such as choosing from a variety of both large and small businesses in addition to using the recommendations of friends, family, and neighbors.This online list will also discuss the importance of calling suppliers to determine material costs. After you have received an estimate from a contractor, you can call suppliers yourself to find out how much the materials cost minus the mark-up costs. Many contractors will mark-up the cost of materials to an unreasonable price, and calling the suppliers can help you figure out if the mark-up by the contractor is reasonable. Everyone wants to discount on the services they receive, however, you should be aware of very low prices because this can be an indication of a bad job.There are certain questions you should ask before making a decision to hire a contractor. When you are trying to find a contractor consider the following:-Is this contractor company insured and covered adequately?-Does this contractor company have a headquarters?-How long has this company been in business?-Does the company have a good record with the trade association?-How has the company handled complaint resolutions?If are looking to get a new roof, maintenance service, repairs, skylights and more for your home, it is important to find a contractor you can trust, and one with a reputation of completing work accurately, on time, and with high quality products. You can use this online list as a guide to help you locate the right contractor to meet your needs.

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Creating A Mobile App: Thinking Beyond Your Small Business


Whether it is a giant corporation, or a small business that has been around for over a century, most enterprises start out small. Then, with the use of advances in technology and business strategy, they increase their reach to become a bigger entity, reaching more customers in the process. Creating a mobile app is a great way to expand your small business into something that, hopefully, will one day become something bigger and more lucrative. In terms of doing so, offering a mobile app is an exceedingly useful way to branch out your business. This is primarily because technological advancements in mobile technology allow businesses to reach more current customers and entice larger numbers of prospective ones. Overall, it is a great way to develop your business, or mobile enterprise, into a more profitable and generally appealing company. To further illustrate, here are some additional ways that a mobile app can help you think beyond your small business into something bigger and better. Selling Through Your AppSelling on mobile devices through your app is about as forward thinking as you can get with your small business. It is an increasingly proactive way of expanding your business, and even better, it can be done with relatively low amounts of effort, time, and money. Basically, once you have your app and mobile web store set up, then most of the time and money from there on will be coming in instead of going out. What’s more, you will be able to actively pursue and fulfill orders from customers all over, even in parts of the world that you would have never been able to reach otherwise. For instance, let’s say that you own a specialty basket shop. While you have been able to make one-of-a-kind baskets in the past, you have not been able to appeal them to customers outside of your local community. Despite your best efforts, it is not that your baskets are unwanted by customers, the issue is that the people that are looking to buy your baskets are not able to do so. With the introduction of a mobile app by your company, not only will you have the ability to reach those customers that otherwise would not have been able to buy from you, but you will do so in an extremely efficient way. Broaden Your Company Reach Beyond just buying from your company, customers will have the opportunity to learn more about your company through its mobile app. This is a great method of broadening your company’s reach into new markets, and consequently, appealing to new users. Ultimately, through your small business’ new mobile app, you will give your company the ability to expand, and hopefully one day, become a much larger and more profitable enterprise.  Conclusion Thinking beyond your company’s current status as a small business is something that will only benefit it in the long run. The bigger you think in terms of your company’s expansion, the more likely it is to happen. The creation, and subsequent mobile market offering of an app meant for mobile devices is a great place to start, and may in fact, be all you need to do in order to expand your business into new markets. Once you have that accomplished, you will likely notice an increase in customers and revenue.

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