Cleaning the Bathroom

Okay, as troublesome as it can be cleaning the bathroom is a must. As being one of the most  frequently used rooms, along with the toilet and kitchen, the bathroom needs to be disinfected and purified at least two times a week. And no – the spent water when showering is not enough, so don’t think about it. The trick to a fast and efficient bathroom cleaning is to know how to keep your every motion to a minimum.

Cleaners St Kilda have some convenient tips for cleaning the bathroom, which can ease the whole process and make it less of a burden.
First of all collect your cleansers and cleaning materials – bleach, disinfectants, sprays, soaps and the needed cleaning tools. Also, do not forget to take protective measures – rubber gloves must be worn when you work with chemical cleaners. Although chemical based cleaning detergents are not exactly what the doctor ordered, chemical disinfectants work better than the natural ones.
Wear your rubber gloves to avoid getting harsh chemicals or irritants on your skin, then spray the bathtub and shower stall with mold remover. Let is sit for a while and work, and while you are waiting you may as well continue your cleaning process by spraying the toilet bowl. Use the best disinfectant for that matter, as the toilet tends to be the home of most germs and bacteria. Pour a little disinfectant in the bowl and while again letting it sit, you clean the other parts of the toilet. Wipe the seat and the exterior. Do not forget to clean and disinfect the lid and what hides behind. Clean the bowl with the use of a normal toilet brush. Make sure you put effort to the whole scrubbing process because it matters.
Spray some bleach on your shower heads. Showers and shower doors tend to accumulate stubborn soap build-ups. Bleach is a great ally in your fight, but you may as well use some other detergent of your preference. 
Remove all objects from the counter tops and shelves and wipe with a disinfectant. If there are any stubborn build-ups, use a little more of the cleanser you are using, and brush well with a cleaning brush or perhaps a rag.
Cleaning the bathroom can be really tricky and unpleasant so that is why most people hire cleaners for that specific task. Companies like spring cleaning Melbourne will be glad to make your bathroom shine and your toilet smell like flowers. 

Cleaning services Melbourne are happy to have an expert like Eric to deal with our clients’ after builders cleaning Melbourne issues. He came up with some innovative ideas on how to organize the whole process, and he can’t wait to share them with you. Eric has been in the Australian cleaning business for years and non-professional cleaners and laymen can learn a lot from him.

Bathroom floor tile advice.

Home owners want to make an impression within their bathroom and floor tiles are one way that you can do that. The bathroom as a whole has to match and the design style you use must compliment the whole bathroom and not conflict. The bathroom floor will be a large part of your bathroom design style and there are many materials of tile you can choose to suit any design style. Many home owners like the wood effect tiles that create a real traditional feel, others like the minimalistic look and feel, the design you choose will largely rest on your personal preferences and the rest of your bathroom design.

It is true that the material of your floor tiles should be suitable for the bathroom and there are certain reasons for this. The floor tiles you choose have to be suitable for busy areas and areas where there is water and moisture and the floor tiles you select should always be low maintenance floor tiles that are easy to clean and maintain, this is especially important for busy family bathrooms that will see a lot of traffic and activity. Floor tiles that are high maintenance will be difficult to keep looking good and this can be tiresome over time.

The first choices that are ideal are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles which are relatively cheap and inexpensive but cheap does not mean that they are of poor quality, not does it mean that their design styles are limited. There are many ceramic floor tile choices that offer and mimic other tile materials such as the wood effect ceramic tile which gives the home owner the look of wood with the durability of ceramic tile. Porcelain tiles have a wide colour and design choice and are absolutely ideal for bathroom floor tiles.

There are also natural stone floor tile solutions that fit in very nicely with bathroom design and although they may stretch the budget a little more than ceramic and porcelain tiles, many home owners feel the extra expense are worth the results.

Granite and slate are floor tile solutions with slate tiles being very popular for both their design and functionality. Slate tiles come in many colour variations which will blend in with all decors and the darker slate floor tiles are very popular and sought after.

Slate floor tiles are heat resistant, scratch proof and slip resistant making them ideal for most rooms within the home. Slate tiles come in a variety of colours and choosing the darker colours of slate tiles means darker shades of grout can be used which will hide any marks and keep the floor area looking good. Slate tiles are also available in different sizes with the very large sizes being referred to as slate slabs. There is the option to use many design styles with slate floor tiles and the variations between tile shades only adds to the design finish of your floor tiles.

Take the time to look at the different bathroom floor tiles on offer and you may be surprised just how many tile materials are actually suitable for bathroom floor areas.






Tile choice supply a wide variety of tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.

Bathroom Floor tile choices.

There are now so many bathroom ideas for decorating and planning the layout of your bathroom. There is the option to turn your bathroom into a wet room which will create space and an individual design or you could turn your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing zone with a designer bath and walk in shower. It really depends on the style and design you want to create but the one aspect of any bathroom is designing a space that can be maintained easily.

The material you use for your bathroom floors is important because it is an area that becomes wet and moist and an area that needs to be kept clean. Carpet is the less popular choice because it becomes wet often and is hard to maintain in a bathroom area. Bathroom floor tiles are the most popular because they are easy to clean; they are waterproof and can be wiped clean and dry.

The most popular bathroom tiles are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles because they are two of the most versatile tiles. They are also incredibly string and durable, will not stain and are heat proof.

Different tile materials can also be used with great effect and design and home owners can have fun creating their own original and unique design as well as creating different designs.

Natural stone tiles are very popular and some natural stone materials can be used in bathroom settings.  Natural slate tiles are a beautiful material and will add both beauty and elegance to any bathroom.  There are different types of slate tiles and some variations are ideal for bathroom floors where they will blend in well and suit any existing decor. Slate tiles in bathroom settings will almost certainly be sealed which will protect them from any moisture and spillages.

Travertine tiles are also very popular for their beauty and are ideal for bathroom floors, there are however different finishes of travertine floor tiles and some varieties are less slippery when wet than others.

Limestone tiles are another option for bathroom flooring and will give the home owner a different alternative. Limestone again is a beautiful alternative to other tiles but there are different varieties and it is important to choose the correct tile in the correct setting.

There are so many choices when it comes to bathroom floor tiles and any good tile company will be able to advise you on the best tiles to suit both your personal preferences and the existing decor.


Tile choice offer a wide variety of Tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.

Projecting Bathroom Renovations Project

In the olden days, a bathroom was a bathroom and nothing else. No body cared about beautifying it or spending unnecessarily long hours in it. Nowadays, the story is various. The bathroom is one out of the many rooms in your house that you would like to decorate and maintain. In fact, it is said that the bathroom should be the nicest room of all in any house. With this thought of thinking and practice change, bathroom renovations have surely taken a 360 degree turn in to a new world exploring new horizons.

Many people try to maintain their bathroom as their own private spa so that they could enclose themselves for a few minutes and indulge in an exotic mood at the luxury of their own home. This is why bathroom renovations are becoming sophisticated and complex by the minute.

Your first step should be to study the kind of installation that you need in order to create the atmosphere that you desire. Remembering how private this area is will surely remind you the serenity that should be added to the bathroom renovations efforts in order to paint that picture blue in your mind.

After careful analysis you ought to determine what to do next. One of the most common things done in bathroom renovations is to leave out an open relaxation area in between the bathroom and the adjacent room. Even a little space expansion would add up to a world of difference if your bathroom is too small. However, you ought to consider your day to day practical issues as well, before opting in for bathroom renovations.

It is great to come up with your own creative ideas for bathroom renovations but make sure you involve a qualified person too in order to tackle the technicalities of the job.

An expert on bathroom renovations will know to advice you on the time, money and the best ways to materialize your ideas and concepts.

if your bathroom does not need any major renovations, just equip yourself with some do it youself tools and ideas and get down to the job. But make sure you do not attempt fixing pumps. Serious work such as plumbing should always involve a professional plumber. So don’t just get entangled in wonderful ideas, get to know how to get down to bathroom renovations in style and in effective ways that will bring you superb results at the end.

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Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is a place where hygiene and cleanliness is very important. It should be cleaned regularly where deep cleaning is required on a weekly basis. Normally, the interior of a bathroom is made in such a manner so it is easy to clean and maintain. Some easy steps are given below to clean Bathroom.

You may use special toilet cleaners to clean toilet. Be careful when you are using chemicals for washing. Rinse it properly and wash thoroughly. Never use any toilet cleaners (chemicals) in the bathtub. Pour the cleaning and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for a better result, then scrub with a toilet brush (long-handled would be better). This cleaning should be done in daily basis.

Bathtubs and washbasin:
Some of the supplies you need to clean your bathtub and washbasin are mildew remover, bathroom disinfectant cleanser, old toothbrush or a grout brush, soft-bristled brush, and a sponge. The walls and surround above your bathtub and washbasin should be cleaned before you start cleaning them. Leave the solution on the walls and then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for a better result. Use an old toothbrush to get at hard to reach areas, such as the corners, around the taps or the grout around the tub. Then rinse the solution by using the brush and wash properly. Use the sponge to remove the water marks from the walls.

Mirrors increase the attractiveness of a bathroom so it is important to keep them clean and sparkling. Use glass cleaners for better result, applied with a sponge or sprayed directly onto the glass, followed by buffing with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Wrinkled newspaper can also be used as the ink will act as a polish.

Always clean the mirrors horizontally or vertically.

They are usually made of strong, inert, stain-resistant materials such as ceramic tile, cultured marble and plastic laminate. Most will respond well to just a regular wipe with a sponge moistened with water. If you have a plastic laminate countertop and it has become particularly dirty, you can use the rough side of a wet scrubbing pad to gently rub away grease and grime, before wiping with the sponge side.

The glass shower doors and walls can be cleaned with a sponge dipped in white vinegar, which will help to keep them dazzling. For the tiled walls, run the shower on the hottest water temperature and soak the walls. Use a mixture of ½ cup vinegar, 1 cup clear ammonia and ¼ baking powder, all mixed in 1 gallon of warm water and apply to the tiles with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Bathroom Floor:
After finishing the all cleaning the floor should be cleaned. The cleaning depends on the type of floorings. Mop the floor after cleaning.

Important Note:
While cleaning, always you should wear gloves and eye protection and keep the area well-ventilated.